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Many humans are social animals, with many created to survive in pairs bonded by love and affection. However, some individuals struggle in finding the right partner; their willingness to settle down and start a family often downplays their personality, aims, ambition, purpose, and most importantly the expectations they have for their life partner.
This often creates resentment, misunderstanding, failure to compromise for the well-being of their relationship, compatibility challenges and throws what could be a long-lasting relationship to the rocks.

What could be worse?! You think you have walked through your entire life in your head with the ‘”one,” but have you, REALLY? Marriage has many aspects, which all couples are not aware of until they experience it. Life encounters waves: tsunamis will often hit you . . . but are you mentally prepared to sail your boat smoothly throughout your journey in the vast ocean? Think again! If not, pre-marital counselling in Oklahoma City is right for you!

Dr. Makayla Saramosing, Reverend Glenna Sue Voegle, and other licensed ministers of Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies are pleased to offer premarital counseling services in Oklahoma!
Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies offers Premarital counseling in OKC offered, aimed at exercises to strengthen your bond as a couple and prepare you for marriage in OKC!

Wait! Nobody Told Us Marriage Is Planning For The Future. So,
Is Not Marriage A Magical Fairytale . . . Right?

Marriage marks the most important ‘foundational milestone’ in our lives. Just like finding the right spouse is not always easy, settling with the ‘one’ for the rest of your entire life seems scary enough – let alone not to be entirely sure of your life-changing decision!

Nowadays, many couples rush into getting married, without even realizing what a huge commitment married life entails! Many brides and grooms never discuss important and even seemingly insignificant matters before getting married. They do not discuss roles, expectations, kids, jobs, money, and so much more. This is where premarital counseling in OKC with a premarital counselor in Oklahoma can come in handy. Premarital counseling in OKC helps prepare you for your lifelong journey and the future of your new family.

The best and most difficult parts of ever getting married are not the day you get married – they are each day thereafter. Indeed, successful marriage requires that both people cross a bridge, compromise, and quickly realize that the old saying, “You can be right, or you can be married” is incredibly true. People who are married do not get to do everything they once could when both persons were single, but being married can also have great financial and emotional benefits, among others. Thus, the benefits both people receive while a married couple often outweigh the disadvantages of no longer getting the “freedom” that comes from being single.

Given that Marriage so Important and Sensitive, what are You Doing About it?

Should You Even Prepare for Marriage in Oklahoma with Premarital Counseling in OKC?

Let Us Explore Why Premarital Counseling in Oklahoma City with a Premarital Counselor in OKC is so important.

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