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Workers Daily-China Workers Network reporter Chen Junyu Correspondent Liu Yu

In May 2010, the Xiaoxia Hydropower Station encountered a local rainstorm, and he rushed to the crisis; in July 2012, the Yellow River ushered in the largest flood peak in 25 years, he calmly dispatched and commanded… During his 16 years of tenure, he Numerous times of “turning the tide” have ensured the safe and stable operation of several hydropower stations of the Small Three Gorges Company, turning the dangerous peaks into light waves.

He is Yang Zhancai, “Longdian Craftsman” and the first “National Technical Expert” independently trained by SDIC. In the eyes of colleagues, he is an expert in hydropower operation who can always be trusted; in the eyes of leaders and colleagues, he is always the leader in technical research on the front line; in the hearts of apprentices, he has always been an amiable leader in technical training.

You can choose to live in peace and quiet, or you can choose to live in waves, Yang Zhancai chose the latter.

Back in 2009, the governor hydraulic servo system of Xiaoxia Hydropower Station encountered huge technical problems, which no one could solve for a while. If we say that the centralized control operation center is called the “big heart” of the hydropower station, then the governor is the “pulse” of hydropower, and its importance can be imagined.

Yang Zhancai didn’t believe in evil, he devoted himself to studying and thinking for several years, consulted a large number of papers, looked through a large number of database manuals, and consulted the “experts” in the company’s various governor… Practical problems, saved operating costs, published technical papers, and more importantly, since then, opened up a “magnificent” life that constantly challenged myself.

In 2010, Yang Zhancai took the lead in formulating the calculation procedures for the economic operation indicators of the Xiaoxia Hydropower Station and the rewards and punishments for the operation value competition, which increased the company’s electricity revenue by 1.5 million yuan each year. He independently wrote this result as a thesis “Xiaoxia Hydropower Station Optimal Reservoir Dispatch and Economic Operation Practice”, which was selected as an excellent paper by the Gansu Hydropower Engineering Society.

In 2011, he presided over the completion of the preparation of the black start plan and on-site testing of the Xiaoxia Hydropower Station, which avoided the occurrence of flooded units, flooded dams, and plant accidents in the extreme situation where the system could not be powered.

To further deepen and inherit the spirit of ingenuity, Yang Zhancai took the lead in establishing the company’s first employee innovation studio and named it “Zhancai Craftsman Studio” with the homophony of his own name.

He led the studio members to complete the cascade operation scheduling optimization software development of Xiaoxia, Daxia and Wujinxia hydropower stations. This result not only reduces the workload of centralized control operators, but also provides powerful software support for the small Three Gorges Company to optimize the dispatching of the Three Station Reservoir, which can add 2.82 million yuan to the company every year. This achievement has obtained the national computer software copyright at the end of 2018, and won the second-class result at the 2019 Outstanding Quality Management Team Achievement Exhibition and Exchange Conference of the
Electric Power Industry. In 2020, he won the second prize of Gansu Electric Power Science and Technology Progress Award.


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