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We are a very qualified team of Gas Safe Registered Engineers and Boiler Installation West London who are experts in boiler fitting and replacement services.

Homeowners in North West London who find they’re having troubles with their central heating system have to call New Boiler LTD without spending a dime and get independent advice about finding the proper new gas boiler to form their family needs. We are a great skilled company of Gas Safe Registered Engineers who’re professionals in boiler fitting and Boiler Installation West London serv. We will offer you all the help you want to choose a new efficient significant heating system. This way is perfect for your family’s requirements.

Our low boiler installation cost decreases the financial burden of changing your heating equipment, and you can also reduce the price of your common electricity bills. A new, green boiler will not help maintain your property at ease and heat, but it’. Still, it also assists in protecting the surroundings, decreasing your carbon footprint, and minimizing your heating expenses.

Importance Of Gas Safety Registration:

You must have witnessed that most boiler systems or the plumbing service carriers frequently mention “Gas Safety Registered.” While most people know it as a signal of agreement, we describe safety as severe.

The “Gas Safe Registered” mark in layman’s language represents nice and certifies engineers and plumbers to work with gas. Every technician who is approved to deal with the gas in west London needs to have the Gas Safety Registration certificate.

What Makes Engineers Gas Safe Registered?

Those who apply for the gas safe registered license want to have the required experiences. There are great ways through which they can gain talents. Those with vital qualifications will undergo training several times to meet the government’s requirements. To adopt the assessment, they need to show the essential ability sets.

After efficiently registering, engineers get a test registration status lasting for three months. During this time, one wishes to satisfy requirements decided by the authorities. Some of the common responsibilities which may be request include maintaining records of gas works and notifying the gas safe sign-in about perform tasks.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers.

The fueling safety check-in was added to provide safety for the general public. The number of unqualified engineers becomes a huge danger to the people and leads to unsafe work and accidents. Safe registration has come into play for customers to get a reliable service. Now customers have higher and more dependence on service alternatives when they want help concerning gas-associated works to be done.

Also, the safe gas register allows one to work with gas-related services legally. In the past, there were multiple such problems with carbon monoxide poisoning, defective vital heating system, and boiler installations which have harmed or installed danger to more than one person each year.

Registering with the safe gas register enables business boom as properly. This leads to an increase in sales as people search for it. These certificates also will increase the huge technical help, which helps to offer offerings at a reduced price. While you might be  trust to provide high-quality work, you will also attract more potential customers after you get the certificates.

Authentic Certified Engineer.

This is one of the common worries that many people have. However, there are multiple ways you may check whether the engineer is register or not. The Gas Safe Register website has the full information of the licensed engineers.

You want to go to and search for “Check for Engineer” and input the engineer’s card quantity. This will provide you with the engineer’s picture, name, and important details. You can also get the facts through text messages.

How To Find Registered Gas Safe Engineer?

The website to check authenticity can also help you discover a licensed engineer. You will get the ‘Find by way of location’ option to assist you in getting the exceptional and the most reliable gasoline secure engineer in your area.

Just push your postal code, and you’ll have a list open. You can also filter out engineers based on business and residential purposes.

It is beneficial to take service for boiler repair, plumbing services, or for the Vaillant Boiler Installation London work with the best help of a gas safe registered engineer. This reduces the possibility of injuries to a completely extreme level and helps you to get exceptional service.

We at New Boiler LTD are a group of gas safety register license engineers giving the services in London for a very long time. We help you not just with fuel safety checkups but also provide boiler renovation & installation services with all types of plumbing services.


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