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On the evening of December 10, the Science and Technology Innovation Board’s Listing Committee announced that Loongson Technology Co., Ltd. will first be held at the meeting on December 17, which means that another domestic chip company is about to go public. According to Loongson’s prospectus, Loongson Zhongke’s public offering of new shares will not exceed 41 million shares, accounting for no less than 10% of the total equity after the issuance, and will raise 3.512 billion for advanced process chips, high-performance graphics chips and other projects. .


According to its official website, “Loongson” is the first series of high-performance general-purpose processors developed in my country. It started research and development at the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2001. It has received strong support from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 863, 973, and nuclear high-tech projects. It has been completed for ten years. Accumulation of core technologies.

In 2010, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing Municipal Government jointly led the investment, and the Loongson Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established and began market-oriented operations, aiming to industrialize the Loongson processor’s research and development results.

At present, Loongson Zhongke is committed to the design, production, sales and service of Loongson series CPUs. The main products include the “Longson No. 1” small CPU for industry applications, the “Longson No. 2” CPU for industrial control and terminal applications, and the “Longson No. 3” large CPU for desktop and server applications.

In 2021, Loongson Zhongke will launch a completely autonomous instruction set architecture-LoongArch, which marks the complete autonomy of the software ecology carried by the instruction set system architecture.

Loongson 3A5000 adopts the latest LoongArch instruction set architecture, single-core performance is increased by 50%, and power consumption is reduced by 30%. Compared with domestic CPUs with imported technology, it has obvious performance advantages.

I PO details

On the evening of June 28, 2021, Loongson Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd. disclosed its prospectus (application draft). At the same time, the Shanghai Stock Exchange officially accepted Loongson Zhongke’s Sci-tech Innovation Board IPO application, and plans to raise a total of 3.512 billion yuan.

Among them, the total planned investment of advanced process chip research and development and industrialization projects is 1.258 billion yuan. The implementation of advanced process chip research and development and industrialization projects will help improve the performance of Loongson general-purpose processor chips and improve the company’s market competition in the integrated circuit industry. Position, increase the company’s revenue scale and profitability, expand the company’s product market share, and maintain market competitive advantages.

The high-performance general-purpose graphics processor chip and system research and development project plans to invest a total of 1.054 billion yuan, which will be used for the design and development of general-purpose graphics processor chips, and develop independent graphics processor products with high versatility and high scalability. Its software and hardware systems form a synergy with the company’s general-purpose processor products to jointly build a more competitive core platform for information infrastructure.


According to the public information in its declaration draft, as an old brand of independent research and development, Loongson Zhongke has increased its operating income from less than 200 million yuan in 18 years to 1 billion yuan in 20 years, which has nearly doubled by 6 times; net profit has nearly doubled from 18 years. 7.75 million yuan, which will increase to about 72.24 million yuan in 20 years, a nearly nine-fold increase.


Loongson’s official website shows that the company has a comprehensive grasp of computer core technologies such as CPU instruction systems, processor IP cores, and operating systems, creating an independent and open software and hardware ecology and information industry system, and providing independent, safe and reliable processors for national strategic needs , Provide high-performance, low-cost processors and basic software and hardware solutions for the innovation and development of the information industry.

As a chip design company, Loongson Zhongke adopts the Fabless model and independently develops the CPU instruction framework and operating system, with the intention of forming a complete ecosystem. In 2020, the company’s chip production and sales rate can reach 99%, with an annual output of about 2 million chips. Funds raised from this listing are used to develop advanced process chips and GPUs.

Chip core technology

The chips produced by Loongson’s scientific research include Loongson 1, Loongson 2, and Loongson 3 three series of processor chips and bridge chips. The Loongson 1 series are low-power, low-cost dedicated processors, and the application scenarios are oriented to embedded dedicated applications, such as IoT terminals, instrumentation, data acquisition, etc.; Loongson 2 series are low-power general-purpose processors, application scenarios Facing areas such as industrial control and terminals, such as network equipment, industry terminals, intelligent manufacturing, etc.; the Loongson 3 series are general-purpose processors, and the application scenarios are oriented to information technology fields such as desktops and servers; supporting chips include interface chips represented by Loongson 7A1000 And power chips, clock chips, etc. under development. Among them, the Loongson No. 1 series and Loongson No. 2 series are mainly oriented to industrial control applications; the Loongson 3 series are mainly oriented to information applications, among which industrial-grade products are oriented to high-end industrial control applications.

Based on the open Loongson ecosystem, the company has established close cooperative relationships with board card, complete machine manufacturers, and basic software and application solution developers. It provides downstream companies with various development boards and software and hardware modules based on Loongson processors, and provides Perfect technical support and service.

Loongson Zhongke can provide 32-bit, 64-bit, single-core, multi-core and different quality levels of processors and supporting chips for various industry application companies. The Loongnix and LoongOS two major system softwares can adapt to different application scenarios. The company will independently grasp the advantages of the CPU ecological technology system, effectively empower all types of enterprises, and create products that meet more application needs in the form of application traction and market promotion.



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