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What comes to your mind when someone mentions “exam”?

A hall full of panic-stricken students, trembling hands, and grim-faced invigilators, right?

Regardless of the preparation level or how easy the exam might be, we’re afraid of tests.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of last-minute preparation tips and exam hacks for you to ace the SAT.

What is SAT?

SAT ( Scholastic and Aptitude Test) is the standardized, widely accepted entrance cum eligibility test for admission in undergraduate courses in American colleges.

It is a 3-hour MCQ test comprising two sections: Math and Evidence-based reading and writing.

The max possible total score is 1600, and the average one is 1060. eTutorworld has the Best SAT Tutors who help enhance your SAT score to ensure successful admission.

Students usually take this test while in 11th-12th standard, though there are no such restrictions in the rules.

To learn about ideal preparation strategies, we suggest contacting SAT Online Tutoring centers, which guide students until exam day.

Last-minute Tips and Hacks to crack the SAT

Days Before Exam :

  1. Know everything: All the necessary information about the exam, from the question format to the scoring system, is available online. First, read all of that carefully, if needed, twice. Stay well versed with the regular updates and changes, if any.
  1. Study smart: Smartwork over hard work is the winning strategy. Study high-yield topics from the previous year’s question papers first, and don’t forget to take plenty of practice tests.

Don’t go into the waters alone :

While some geniuses do it, it’s not recommended to self-study for entrances like this. You need mentoring from experienced professionals who know how to ace the SAT. You may use SAT Private tutoring services like eTutorworld and others.

The night before the exam :

  1. Don’t panic: No one ever feels satisfied with their preparation level, so if you feel that, stay assured. You’re going to do well. Don’t overstress yourself. And not even try to escape this anxiety by binging Netflix till 2 am. Don’t even think of pulling an all-nighter, either.
  1. Get adequate sleep: Sleep is your greatest friend before a vital exam. A well-rested brain performs at its fullest potential. A sound good night’s sleep certainly helps you to score better than a late-night cramming session.
  1. Pack your bag, check twice: Holding up for the next morning is a mistake. Make sure to pack your bag the previous night. Check carefully the list of things allowed inside the hall. Don’t forget to take essentials like a clipboard, water bottle, extra pencils, calculator, etc.

On the D-Day:

  1. A great start: Wake up early, freshen up with a cup of coffee, have a healthy breakfast, and mentally prepare to face the exam. This is your day. You have to perform like a boss.

We suggest doing meditation for 5-10 minutes to declutter your mind.

  1. Wear a watch: You must plan your time well beforehand and allot it wisely: Exam halls, of course, contain wall clocks. But, always weird situations may happen, like, the clock might not be seen properly from your seat! So, wear a watch to keep track of your time.
  1. Read instructions on the paper :

Nobody reads it out of exam hall anxiety. That might cause trouble, especially if you get an invigilator (proctor) who loves playing with the book and starts to follow all those tiny detailed instructions painstakingly.

Better to glance through it once before the exam starts. We don’t want any exam hall surprises, huh?

  1. Use the break: The overworked brain is your worst enemy on exam day. Use the short break to relax and charge up your psyche. Start the second part from a fresh perspective.
  1. Keep calm: Entrances like SATs show your steadiness, dexterity, and temperament more than your academic intellect, perhaps. It is always possible to get a few difficult questions. But panicking doesn’t help; let it all slip off, even the parts you could have answered. Keep calm and try to do your best; there’s always some way out.

Some other most common tips :

  • There are no negative marks for wrong answers. So, leave nothing unmarked. Guess it when necessary.
  • Don’t waste more than 30 seconds on any question. Skip it if necessary
  • Always check the answers twice before handing over the paper.
  • Always write citations in your essay. This gives your writing credibility and proves your familiarity with the standard essay format.

Still anxious about the exam? Sharpen your weak points and evaluate your preparation level with the best online Tutor for SATs, only on eTutorworld.

All the best. Go, rock it!


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