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If you’re looking for a screen recording application, you’ve come to the right place. The software has a facecam and audio input, no limit to recording length, and you can even include webcam footage. You can also add audio commentary and add other sounds from your computer, and schedule automatic recording to record your screen at any time.

All-in-one Screen Recorder and Video Editor – iTop Screen Recorder

If you’re looking for a screen recording program that’s simple to use and enables you to make videos without any special skills, then you’ve come to the right place. iTop Screen Recorder can record and edit videos in a wide variety of formats and has a range of customization options. In addition, it supports more than 10 video formats and includes editing tools that can transform your videos into professional-quality videos.

What benefits of iTop screen recorder?

Flexible Region Selected

iTop screen recorder software provides options to adjust settings before recording. This way, you can capture video from the full screen, a specific window, or a specific area. Additionally, you can crop your video for optimum viewing. This feature is especially handy for video tutorials and ads. It also lets you easily export videos to several popular online video platforms. 

Audio and facecam for computer screen

If you are looking for the best screen recorder with audio and facecam for your computer, you have many options available to you. The iTop screen recorder has this feature. This program can help you record any part of your computer screen, and many even allow you to add audio narration. It also has the option to add a watermark to the output video. the iTop recorder also includes editing options, allowing you to add effects and add a voice narration to the video.

Record 4K/1080p HD videos

If you want to capture your desktop activities in high definition (HD) video, you can use an iTop screen recorder. This tool will enable you to record any activity happening on your 4K computer screen, including videos from your external devices. A screen recorder with advanced editing tools is necessary for 4K recordings. There are a number of screen recorders available in the market. But choosing the right one for your needs can be a tricky task. You have to consider the type of 4K resolution that you need for your project. 4K is four times the resolution of 1080p, so you need a screen recorder that supports it. 

How to record screen and edit video by iTop Screen Recorder?

Step 1. Download this screen recorder for PC and install it in a few minutes.

Step 2. Set the preference of recording settings such as recording area, mic or speaker, webcam, mouse cursor, and video/audio output formats. Game mode is also availiable. 

Step 3. Open the screen you want to record, and click “Rec” to start the process. 

Step 4. When recording process completed, open and select the video you want to edit in My Creations. Now you can denoise, preview, delete, rename, upload or open its local storage as you like.

Step 5. To make amazing video, right click Edit to open iTop Video Editor. You are able to anything to your videos including creating unlimited soundtracks and video tracks,  cutting, trimming, transforming, adding text, stickers & subtitles, adding visual & audio effects, spliting & combining several video clips,  and exporting videos in HD quality multiple formats.

Step 6. Finally, you can upload the edited video to YouTube or other social platforms directly in this screen recorder Windows 10.


Out of many screen recording softwares in the market, the iTop Screen recorder has the most features and specs. It’s on top of all and I recommend it.This article provides a comprehensive guide for users who want to record their screen and edit video with iTop Screen Recorder. It has received high praise from gamers, video creators, and other online workers for its free, no-time limit, and 1080p HD edited video. Download it to reduce your working time while producing the same perfect result!


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