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Having a crush on anyone can be super exciting, but it can also be a little scary. If the guy who caught your eye already knows you like him, you may be feeling particularly nervous. You are probably also wondering how you should behave with him or how to talk to your crush. However, you can approach it with confidence by finding small ways to make small talk, staying calm, and moving your relationship forward. Remember to be yourself, and you’ll have that guy crushing you in no time!  

 Begin by making casual comments. 

You may feel a little nervous about approaching the person you love and having quite a conversation, so start small. Comment if you go to your path to the lesson or at your desk.

Talk about things that interest you both. 

Maybe you are friends with the person you love, or perhaps you have noticed that you have a lot in common. Use this story or similarities to converse with him and avoid awkward conversations. 

 Make the conversation fun with him. 

Things might be a little severe or tense around you two now that he knows you love him, but break the ice with a bit of humour if that happens. Something funny in a class, or if you two meet, prank us a joke. It can also show your love meme or a funny video on your phone.  

For example, you might have found a hilarious video in Say, “Hey, Summer, do you see this video? I laughed about it all night.”

Address any embarrassment between you. 

Maybe someone told your crush that you love them, or perhaps you said them yourself, but they didn’t respond the way you expected. If you want to talk to him, you may have to deal with this embarrassment. Tell them about your crush and let them know that you want to be comfortable with each other. 

Say, “Hey, Josh, I know Tasha told you I like you. Even though I don’t know that’s a lie, that’s fine if you don’t like me. 

 Relax before you see it. 

Before conversing with the person, you love, breathe deeply. You want to be calm when you approach him. You can also listen to music to improve your mood and confidence beforehand. For example, listening to Cardi B’s song “Bodak Yellow” might get you excited and primed for any conversation.

Smile and try to make eye contact when you meet him around. 

When you see him, don’t look at the ground and don’t be embarrassed, show him your pearly white! Smiling is a perfect way to help others feel comfortable and improve your mood. Don’t worry, and he knows your secrets by being warm and friendly. 

 Give him his space. 

Don’t always be the first to say hello, smile, or say hello. Sometimes guys need space, and that’s okay. Let him get close to you once in a while, so your dynamic isn’t so one-sided. 

 Don’t ignore it, though! If he looks at you, look at it too.


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