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Installing windows in a brick wall is a special art for professionals. Brick is a fragile material that can be damaged by careless removal of the frame or its installation if the house is old enough. And if there is a task to expand the window opening, then when cutting out part of the wall, this is all the more likely. Therefore, it is better to allow only experienced professionals to replace windows in brick walls. However, there is something you can do yourself ‒ measure the windows to order them from the manufacturer.

A Few Simple Rules for Measuring a Window

If you have already chosen a manufacturer, look at their website to find detailed technology for calculating the size of a product when ordering it. It is important to rely on this algorithm so that the client and the manufacturer equally understand the numbers that the customer will indicate. And if you have not yet decided on a brand, follow the universal scheme common among window replacement Lawrence KS contractors.

Take Measurements Several Times

For professionals, one assessment in three different places in length, width, and depth would be enough. However, since any measurement error can create real problems during installation, it is better to double-check yourself. In addition, this will insure you against difficulties with the manufacturer, to whom most customers want to return windows if their size was indicated incorrectly.

Measure Openings in Multiple Locations

The parameters that should be passed to the producer are the width and height of the window. In some cases, depth data are also required. If a customer orders massive enough frames, they may not fit the narrow sill. All these measurements are made in three places:

  • When measuring width: top, bottom, and middle.
  • When measuring height: on the left, on the right, and in the middle.
  • When measuring depth, similarly: on the left side of the window sill, on the right, and in the middle.

What to Do if These Indicators Diverge?

With a high degree of probability, homeowners will get slightly different values when measuring the length or width in different places. This is especially true if the house is quite old. Under load, the walls are slightly deformed, so these are quite natural processes. You will need to leave the value that is less than others:

  • If a small gap remains, the contractor will fill it with special foam and insulation. This will prevent drafts and dust from getting into the cracks.
  • And if a larger value is mentioned, the window will literally have to be “squeezed” into the opening. Because of this, it can be deformed, and the brick can crack and crumble due to pressure.

How to Correctly Measure the Window Opening?

With a complete frame replacement, measurements are taken from brick to brick. Applying one edge of the tape measure to one brick, you need to stretch it to the directly opposite brick.

What Else Should the Manufacturer Know?

When passing on numbers to the producer, be sure to mention that these are the actual dimensions of the window opening. Then the manager will understand that the window itself should be slightly smaller so that it can be placed right in the opening of the house.

Once the dimensions are given to the manufacturer, you should find a contractor for the new windows installation. To choose the most experienced and reputable contractors, use the free services of the HomeQuote platform. Here, you can calculate the cost of installation from different contractors in your region and select the best price. Professionals will quickly and efficiently do all the work if the measurements were taken correctly.


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