How to improve your Brand visibility with eco-friendly boxes?

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A whopping number of buyers are desperate to want a change in the packaging that the brands use. Eco-friendly boxes are a demanded solution by them and are widely urged by experts as well. Similar to casual boxes, brands can also get them with custom sizes, shapes, looks, and printed designs. Cardboard, bux board, kraft paper, and other similar materials are icon materials for these boxes. Meanwhile, best design practices and optimization consumes minimum material that conserves resources and reduces production costs. Equipping these boxes with handles, scoring, creases, perforation foiling, and other custom options makes them a luxury for all types of items.

A brand is unable to get a good business until people start noticing it and building their loyalty to it. In these modern times, you need to address the most sensitive and demanding factors to raise your brand image. Eco-friendly boxes are a versatile option to hit the pulse and get most of it from the very need of the firms. The UK alone is analyzed to produce at least 48kg of municipal waste per capita in the form of packaging per year. So, addressing this issue can effectively improve brand visibility among the masses using these boxes. Here are some ways to do so.

Be a promoter of eco-friendly boxes

Becoming the focus of attention for everyone in the retail stores is conditional on the number of clients engaging with products. A tactic to achieve this purpose and even spread the green practices are promoting this cause through environmentally friendly packaging. Becoming a hardcore promoter of these types of boxes for shipping products in the market will raise the brand image. You can do so by printing the benefits of these boxes over an external surface. Give a short brief to your customers about the natural resources you are saving by adopting this practice. Also, printing other benefits like a reduction in carbon footprints will entice people to make purchases of products under your enterprise. Thus, becoming a strong advocate and promoter of this packaging will set your brand as an example for everyone. People will soon see your brand as an industry leader to set modern trends.

Switch to organic packaging materials 

Cardboard material is believed to be handy for the reduction of pollution, and it is a fact. This material is produced with the use of wood pulp. The UK is the biggest consumer of this type of friendly packaging. Still, it can cause some other issues like deforestation because of the cutting of trees. Obtaining wood pulp from trees at a massive level ultimately becomes a contributing factor to global warming. Thus, go for alternative organic materials that could also tackle this issue. It will help your brand come up as a more ingenious entity that is conscious of its environmental duty. Farming remains like cornstarch is an exemplary substitute for wood pulp for a cardboard box. Some other alternative and cheap materials in this regard are mushrooms, seaweed, and bamboo pulp.

Launch effective marketing campaigns

Relying on telling customers about the sustainable traits of your custom boxes by printing them with these details is not enough. You need to reach a broader audience that has not seen your items in the retail stores yet. Launch proper marketing drives in this regard to create hype. Make people talk about your brand. You can choose the desired mediums for this purpose. Recording short videos about the dark side of plastic packaging and running ads over TV is an effective approach. Also, inform the audience in your territory and other targeted areas via billboards. Use mixed images and textual content blended with creativity to promote via billboards. These types of drives will set a mood for buyers to try your items. On the other hand, these marketing derive will also discover new customer bases to increase product sales.

Encourage customers to post with hashtags

Participation of customers in elevating a cause can provide marvelous advantages. Moreover, improving the standing and visibility of a brand becomes easier. The way you can encourage customers to appreciate this step taken for the environment in the form of cardboard boxes is through social media. Launch the #campaigns and ask your customers to share pictures of their purchased items with some catchy phrase using a hashtag. A tactic to convince customers to share their feedback with the product images and those hashtags is offering them rewards. This reward could be an endorsement from your brand or special discount vouchers for lucky customers. Provide buyers with an option to use these hashtags on some most popular social media platforms. It will bring your brand into the limelight, and people will notice your presence.

Customize eco-friendly boxes with market trends

There are some factors to care about as well while improving brand visibility using custom packaging. You need to avoid following practices that could diminish the looks of your sustainable packaging. Some brands consider using brown boxes as an approach toward sustainability. However, maintaining a fine balance between marketing trends, packaging aesthetics, and sustainable practices is necessary. Engaging looks of your packaging would give buyers an additional reason to go for purchase. Choose a trend to follow according to the industry in which you are providing the services. You can craft a window in custom printed boxes in the form of products you are dealing with. Moreover, use soft cushioning for expensive items like perfumes, watches, mobiles, apparel, jewelry, and other such accessories. Additionally, endorse your brand in style to attract customers visiting retail stores or seeing your promotional campaigns.

Raising brand visibility and standing with these eco-friendly boxes in these ways is a smart approach. You would not have to spend a lot of money to achieve this goal. Benefits after a rise in the visibility of your brand will provide a quick jump in sales. Appreciation from customers for such packaging will make you a sustainability champion and ambassador for this cause.


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