You are here, in this world, for a very short period. The average lifespan may seem long, but decades pass in a flash if you think about it. No one can avoid mortality. Therefore, the goal of this short life should be happiness. You are created to experience your joyful existence. People spend their lives in useless pursuits and fail to lead fulfilling lives. If you truly seek fulfillment in your soul, you must find ways to help others lead a better life.

Children are the gifts of God. When you see a poor child in the street begging for food, does it not break your heart? You might think, how can you help your fellow human beings? The kids did no wrong, as they were innocent and in the image of God. So, why should they suffer in this cruel world? Continue reading to learn valuable tips to help kids lead a better life.

Teach The Uneducated: Kids are the future of any society. Therefore, they must learn things and be conventionally educated. Education is the key to a better life. But sadly, so many children do not have the opportunity to go to school. Homeless kids grow up without an education, and therefore, they are unable to secure better jobs (or any job at all).

  • Spend time organizing classes for kids of all ages. Teach them basic concepts of math, English, and science. You may ask teachers to volunteer for local kids who cannot access traditional classes.
  • You may even do the paperwork and arrange for these kids to have proper classes in school. Things will not be easy as no school would accept orphans and street rats. But anything worth doing never comes easy. Therefore, you may contact NGOs and Government organizations to arrange classes for the homeless children.

Feed The Hungry: You cannot expect the kids to read and learn on an empty stomach. They cannot learn new concepts if they are hungry. Therefore, the first thing you should do is arrange for food for the homeless, the hungry, and the poor. Millions of children die every year worldwide due to the lack of food. On the other hand, tons of cooked food is wasted in America every single day. It makes you wonder if something is wrong with the way society works.

  • Provide your time in cooking food for the homeless. There are various homeless shelters that you can go to and help them in the kitchen. These shelters are always short-staffed and seek volunteers who will help them out.
  • You may also contribute your time and money to NGO institutions, such as the West Alabama Food Bank (WAFB), that work tirelessly to feed the hungry kids of the country. It is always better to work with an organization that has a clear mission and is strategic in its approach.
  • If you find no local institution that works for the betterment of the children, you can start a food drive. Organizing events takes a lot of hard work and dedicated time. But, when you successfully finish a food campaign and feed the hungry, you feel the time is well spent.


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