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Backlink providers come in all shapes and sizes. Many promise to provide high PR links quickly and at low prices, giving the buyer a compelling boost to their sites ranking. Unfortunately, many link building services that make these promises do so in a way that can hurt your site’s rankings and get you off the indexes altogether. That big thing you thought you had could be lost.

How does this happen?

pr5 – pr8 backlinks are surprisingly easy to get. This is usually done using a “profile link”. These are accounts you create on website forums using keywords as your “signature”. buy dofollow backlinks service can create dozens of accounts per day for its authorized customers. If you are the webmaster of one of these forums, would you like to prevent accounts and discussion group participation from linking to your site? The webmaster worked hard to get a high PR and the corresponding free users used his site to steal his PR without paying anything for it. Worse, they cause maintenance headaches for the webmaster.

Multiply this by the number of high PR links allowed, the number of link building services that offer such a service, and the number of sites registered with the services. This becomes part of the problem that annoys Dee for many webmasters. As a result, most or all of the links disappear when the webmaster maintains them and removes the hundreds or thousands of accounts created by such link providers.

How does it affect you?

This creates at least two problems for you. First, you pay the provider, and once the links are removed, there will be little or no backlinks. Second and most importantly, search engines can easily track backlinks from a website. If your site has high PR links. If you have 50 or 100 the next day, you can go back to it in a week or two. Is it natural in a search engine like Google? Do their systems ask if they are trying to manipulate their algorithms? What is their reaction? The answer cannot be correct.

Beware of this kind of suspicious behavior. Look for a reverse service that uses methods accepted by search engines. Search engines, who love quality content, have gradually added quality websites to benefit their customers – the search engines. And they want to see permalinks.

Every day they build backlinks to rank your website.

However, you have to remember one thing, even if you create 10,000 backlinks, the search engines will not index any of them. Now what is the purpose? Your work is useless! How are all the links indexed now? There are so many programs out there to help people like us and last month I discovered a great tool called “Backlink Energizers”. What does this so-called backlink energizer do? For more information visit our website


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