How to Choose the Accurate Bong Bowl?

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If you are a dry herb smoker and love to inhale that herb from a bong, one device is insufficient as you will undoubtedly desire more bongs with different colors and styles to make a remarkable collection. But regardless of the number of bongs you purchase, a bowl is necessary.

A bong bowl or slide must be attached to it to utilize a bong more effectively. This particular device, which holds the marijuana for smoking, is maybe the most crucial component of a bong, in addition to the stems and a moisture chamber. In contrast to water pipes, which are typically thought of as female, bowls generally are considered male.

Accordingly, bowls can come in various diameters that regulate how much cannabis bud leaf is burned with every hit or pull from the water pipe. As a result, the dimensions are 9mm slides, the smallest of the set; 10mm; 14; 18; and 19mm bowls.

Therefore, several things to consider while selecting a bowl. Now let’s look at these.

The Factors to Consider

Type of Herb Being Used

As you search for the most excellent slides for your bong, this is among the key questions you need to have answered. Herbs come in two forms: dried and concentrated oils. If you primarily use concentrations, you’ll need a second dab rig; if you primarily use dry cannabis, you’ll need to get the appropriate bowl to compress the herb. An incredible 14mm device is frequently used for a fantastic dry-cannabis smoking experience.

Number of People Using It

Since using a bong requires a bowl, frequent use must be carefully considered. Whether the slide is to be used alone or in a small gathering of friends will determine, among many other factors, whether it should be purchased. Consider the product’s longevity and choose one that can withstand several uses without needing special care and multi-person usage.

Price Structure

The cost of bowls can vary according to their quality, fit, measurements, number of users, kind of cannabis smoked, the material, thickness and width of the bowls, ease of cleaning, and style. Diffusion should be considered a crucial factor because a bowl with numerous holes burns more efficiently and is, therefore, a better purchase. Based on all these variables, ordinary 18mm bowls cost about $12, while less expensive slides start at roughly $10 per. But prices might rise dramatically depending on the type of material, thickness, and modifications. 

Size Options

From 9mm to 19mm, bowls come in various sizes. However, the typical heights range from 14mm to 18mm. Remember that an 18mm bowl typically accommodates large joints, whereas a 14mm bowl usually fits regular joints. Therefore, selecting the appropriate device capacity from the available alternatives is vital according to the number of users and the quantity of marijuana being ingested.


The bong bowl is a necessary accessory you can personalize according to the closeness of your smoking session and tastes. For example, a pretty pink glass bowl will give a unicorn feel, and a king crown skull bowl will provide you with the feeling of empowerment. Glass may be your most acceptable option on bowls for safety.

Pieces for bowls can be purchased and modified for your smoking requirements. Since you’re serious about customizing your bong, see the advice mentioned above on picking the best item to suit your needs and the lowdown on various pricing points and styles.

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