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Coffee tables are the staple centerpieces of living rooms because they serve many purposes from storage to displaying showpieces. Not only do they help express your aesthetics but they also offer comfortable seating for your enjoyment. Besides, there is a vast variety of styles and designs available nowadays at online furniture stores, such as Plush Furniture which let you have a selection from the old classic and retro styles to the modern and lavish coffee tables.

And, if you’re thinking of buying a coffee table for your living room, then we’ll help you make the best choice by providing information on the factors to consider while choosing a coffee table. Also, a coffee table should not only be bought because of its good appearance but also it should offer practical serviceability to help you feel good about your investment. Hence, if you really want to know how to choose the right coffee table for your place, then stay with us.

Choosing The Ideal Coffee Table | A Step By Step Guide

Your choice of coffee table will either make your living room dull and repellent-looking or pleasant and welcoming. Also, it can add colors to your living space, making it more elegant than before. Hence, a coffee table can transform the entire appearance of your living room space, and therefore, one should always make the right choice by taking into consideration these important factors discussed below.

1. Size Of The Coffee Table

If you want to purchase the right piece of this furniture item, then size is the first and foremost factor for taking into consideration. Because a coffee table either too large or too small can offset the feel and comfortability of the space besides also making it look unattractive. Now the question is what size of the coffee table should be selected? 

The straightforward answer to this question is to choose a coffee table that is  2/3 the overall length of the sofa. This rule of thumb will always keep your space equilibrated in terms of balance by helping you select the ideal size of coffee table for your living space.

2. Height Of The Coffee Table

Apart from the size of the coffee table, you should also consider its height as it is one of the most important details as well. Mostly, the ideal height for a coffee table is the height of your sofa. However, some people may prefer the height to be a few inches short of the sofa.

Basically, deciding the height of the coffee table depends upon your personal preferences, however, one should opt for a coffee table that doesn’t disturb the room’s symmetry. Also, one should never go with a coffee table higher than the couch because it will dominate the interior space and mask all other furniture and floor accessories besides making the interior unappealing.

3. Shape Of The Coffee Table

In addition to height and size, shape is another factor that will majorly affect the visuality of your space either making it look drab and hideous or pleasant and welcoming. And while choosing a certain shape, you should take into account the surface area your space allows and the style of different furniture items placed in the room.

Also, different shapes of coffee tables function distinctly in different interiors such as rectangle-shaped are best for narrow spaces, squares-shaped offer a communal feel to the interior, etc. You can have round, rectangle, oval, square, and many different shapes for your coffee table but again the choice comes down to your seating arrangement and aesthetic taste of course.

4. Style & Design Of The Coffee Table

Here comes the most noteworthy feature of a coffee table that affects the overall feel and appearance of your living room. Nowadays, coffee tables come in a wide variety of styles such as traditional, transitional, contemporary, cottage, industrial, rustic, mid-century modern, etc. The design of your coffee table should complement other furniture items to make the interior more elegant than before.

Also, you should consider the color options for your coffee table and only go for the ones that blend well to your existing décor and complement everything within it, as well. Such that if you want a modern feel, then choosing a coffee table with light marble countertops and white backsplashes would be the best option. On the contrary, dark accents will offer an industrial feel to your interior space.

5. Quality Of The Construction Materials

Of course this important detail cannot be overlooked while purchasing a coffee table for living space. You should always inspect the construction quality of your coffee table because it will decide the lifespan of your coffee table, thus securing your investment for the time to come. In this case, always buy a coffee table crafted from hardwood materials such as oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, etc.

Because not only then your coffee table will be highly durable and extremely resilient but will also perform more well than your expectations. Hence, buying a coffee table manufactured using genuine solid wood materials is the ideal option and will help you feel good about your valuable investment.

The Final Words!

Choosing an ideal coffee table for your space is not a daunting task if one takes all the important factors into consideration. And, with the information provided above, we hope to succeed in making you an expert person in this regard. You should always buy a coffee table that is a delight to the eyes, fits perfectly in your interior space, and features a high build quality.


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