How Should You Use Mylar Bags For Storing Weed?

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Mylar bags are an excellent choice when it comes to storing weed long-term. If you haven’t thought about it, you should. They allow the weed to be stored for a long time without losing any of its properties and aromas. Since no oxygen gets in or comes out, weed can be stored in these bags indefinitely.

It can however be a good idea to gain knowledge about how you can store weed in Mylar bags. So here goes.

Tips to Store in Weed Bags

  • Buy special bags that are made for weed. Mylar is something that is used for long-term food and food product storage and is therefore found in a lot of different sizes. Buy ones that are specifically made for weed and are small in size.
  • Put no more than 2 or 3 ounces of dried herbs and flowers in each weed bag. Anything more and you are creating a problem with it not having enough space. When you don’t stuff too much in one bag, you will find that the quality of the herbs is preserved better and the aromas to are intact.
  • Another smart tip is to use a permanent marker to write the name and date of the product you are outing inside each Mylar bag. This will help you a lot when you are putting many bags under storage and want to know exactly what the contents of each are.
  • Put the weed bags in a place that does not get direct sunlight. A dark and cool place is the best for preserving the weed.

Why Use Mylar for Weed?

  • Protections Against Pests: Pests are attracted to weed because of the aromas they send out. And if you are aromatising the dried herbs and flowers with terpenes, then the effect is that it becomes quite the pest-attractor. With Mylar though, you can protect the weed properly.
  • Long-Term Storage: Weed bags also make it easy to store weed long-term. If you want to store your favorite dried herbs and flowers and forget about them for years, this is what you should use for maximum flavor protection.
  • Smell-Proof: Another reason to use these bags is that they are smell-proof. They do not have a weird smell at all as most plastic bags do and this means good things for your weed.

Use Mylar with care and you will be able to preserve your weed for a long time.


What are the weed bags called?

Glass jars or Mylar bags. Mylar bags and cannabis jars are two of the most popular marijuana product packaging options.

Are weed bags smell proof?

Aside from being odor-proof, 3.5g Mylar bags can also be made child-resistant. Because most jurisdictions have state restrictions on how cannabis can be sold, it’s critical to ensure your packaging is compliant.


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