How Much Does A Dentist Checkup Cost UK?

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Dental treatments are expensive everywhere because they need extreme care and high-level professionals. So in the UK, dental checkup services are costly, but because many service providers compete, they always try to provide the least possible fee structure to attract the patient. Dental services fee also depends on the nature of the treatment. If it is a routine or diagnostic checkup, it does not cost much the price is nominal, average between 20 to 50 $ in the UK.

Cost bands of dentist checkups

It will be convenient to understand if we categorize dental treatments into bands.

1. Band 1 services

A new patient’s routine checkup, scaling, polishing, or cancer diagnostic screening, is between 20-50$ in the UK if it does not include any other treatment. If it requires an X-ray, further periodontal assessment, and color photo records, the fee may increase to 50-80$ on average.

Scaling also has its stages. In stage 1, the patient has only powder and air stains on his teeth. It takes almost 15 minutes and costs between 20-25 $. Stage 2 scaling requires heavy stains to remove it takes around 30 minutes and costs between 50-80$. In stage 3 scaling, teeth need deep scaling along with gums treatment, which costs between 120-150 $. Similarly, the small x-ray fee is nominal, and the large x-ray charges more dollars.

2. Band 2 services 

Band 2 services include surgical treatments, complex (with bone removal) or simple (without bone removal), and filling. The filling has many types, a temporary filling, silver filling, white filling, and glass ionomer filling. Band 2 services are costlier than band one services. They take a lot of time and sometimes more than one visit. The services cost between 75- 200 $ on average.

3. Band 3 Services

Band 3 services include Crown bridges, in-lays, on-lays, veneers, dentures, root canal treatments, orthodontic treatments, and dental implants. They are highly costly treatments. It requires high professionalism, the latest machinery, detailed counseling, post care guidance to patients. It’s hard to take their price range into the average range. Because few treatments like crown bridges, dentures, and dental implants require pure materials like gold, platinum, and silver, so they cost more than 5000$.

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