How does Community Nursing Help With Mental Health?

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What Is NDIS Community Nursing?

NDIS Community Nursing Care is the healthcare service also called public health nursing. It is a combination of primary healthcare and nursing facilities in the communities.

The job of community nurses requires them to provide healthcare services, intervention, and education to communities. Unlike the regular nurses who work one-on-one with the patients, community nurses deal with the communities as a whole. They provide healthcare education, screening, advocacy, preventive care, etc. Their responsibilities vary from community to community, meaning they will have to deal with problems depending on the status of the community they are working in.

NDIS Community Nursing And Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most significant issues that is mainly overlooked and frowned upon by many people. In today’s time, most people are dealing with mental health problems, and they are not aware of them.

Mental health conditions are not necessarily severe disorders that can be detected just by looking at the individual. The person could be suffering from depression and anxiety, and people wouldn’t know unless he’s diagnosed with this condition.

Community nurses who deal with such issues must be well-versed in the mental conditions so they can offer valuable help to people. Here are some things you must know about community nurses who help with mental health.

What Do They Do?

Community nurses provide services related to both physical and mental health conditions to a broad range of patients, depending on the setting and their demographics. They work with all ages, from a child to older adults and their methods change with the age of the patient. They can treat mental health issues like depression, anxiety, delusions, PTSD, etc.

Their job is to talk with the patient and families to let them know about the condition and help them control the symptoms, and come up with coping mechanisms that will help them to function correctly. They also spread awareness about mental health so people can learn to be more accepting and empathetic towards others and identify when they have a mental condition. They assess the patient, give counselling, make a nursing plan, give medication, and teach them coping skills to minimise their symptoms.

What Skills Do They Possess?

Community nurses must have a lot of skills to be considered good in their field, but empathy and good communication skills are the top priority. Community nurses have to be empathetic towards the people dealing with mental health issues.

They are often ignored and looked down upon, and it is the nurse’s job to make them feel comfortable and valued. Good communication does not mean they have to be good at speaking, but they should also be a good listener to understand what the participant is going through and treat him accordingly.

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