How do Residual Current Circuit Breakers(RCCB) work?

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The protection against the leakage of current from any circuit can be provided by the residual current circuit breaker RCCB. This is one of the important parts of the circuits. They are usually analyzed by their color-coding. The green color depicts that the breaker is OFF whereas the red color says it’s ON. 

They protect the circuits from unnecessary currents by turning them on and off. They are very sensitive to any kind of problem or fault appearing in the circuits. They detect the problems and make the necessary steps as soon as possible.  

What an RCCB is?

It is a small device attached to the main power supply in the houses. They have operated automatically in times of emergencies and faulty circuits. Whenever it detects any problem or irregularity in the flow of current it disconnects the power supply to the circuit from which the irregular flow of current is detected.

Its timely and wise decisions can save someone’s life. It disconnects the power supply whenever the condition of electric shock prevails. 

Types of RCCB.

The RCCB is mainly of two types.

2 poles RCCB. 

The houses having single-phase supplies usually have this type of RCCB. They contain two wires named neutral wire and live wire. The neutral wire and the live wire are connected through the end. They have a rotary wire that helps in turning the circuit on and off. The periodic testing can be applied to this kind of the RCCB so that the activity of the RCCB is tested from time to time. 

4 poles RCCB.

It is different from the 2 pole RCCB by having 4 poles. The rest of the work is almost similar. It has one neutral wire along with three-phase wires connected to the neutral one. It is connected to the three-phase wiring supplies. 

Working principle.

The working principle of RCCD is mainly based on Kirchhoff’s principle. This principle says, “the inflow of the current/voltage should always be equal to the outflow of current/voltage”. In this manner, the current is disengaged from the circuit whenever an irregular current inflow is detected the power supply is disengaged. The person on the other end can be saved from severe current with this approach.

How does an RCCB work?

As we have already discussed that the RCCB works on Kirchhoff’s principle. The inflow of current is via the life and the current flows back from the neutral wires. The inflow and outflow of the current in the neutral and live wire are equal in the ideal circuits that are the understanding of the RCCB. Now, if some accident happens to any person like if someone touches the wire and the current starts flowing from the wire. That current will not be equal to that inflow by the live wire. On detecting this irregularity, the RCCB turns itself off causing the current flowing in that wire to be stopped.

This is a very sensitive gadget and it is designed in such a way that a minor change in the flowing of the current can cause a stimulus that can disconnect the circuit and the reduced supply can help save the life of the affected person.

It is a very significant device to update your household power supply as it aids in preventing any serious kind of injury by touching the live wire. It can be installed easily and properly to your household supply.

Although it manages the emergency very well an emergency electrician at this point is necessary to be called out for the sake of complete protection. Locate an electrician near mefor complete guidance regarding electricians.
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