How Do People Get Hooked On Cocaine Addiction?

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Cocaine is considered to be one of the most addictive drugs out there. People can quickly become addicted to it even if they have only used it a few times. Experts agree this is because of the good feelings of euphoria that the brain produces when it is used. Cocaine can be taken in a variety of forms. It can be injected into the body as a liquid, or it can be snorted through the nose in a powder form. Some people also smoke it, which is referred to as freebasing. It can even be taken orally.

It may surprise you to learn that cocaine is the number one abused stimulant in the world, and the number of cocaine addicts is rising. This is because it is very simple to gain access to. It is usually affordable, too, at least in small quantities. Cocaine is also a part of the ingredients of the drug, well known on the street as crack.

The effects of cocaine generally do not last very long, perhaps a few hours, depending on the quality of it. This is why some people take it initially, and they love the high they get but also that they are in control again soon afterward. It can allow them to relax and enjoy a social event and then be responsible by the time they need to go home. These ideals are often a surefire way for a person to be on the path to cocaine addiction.

As with many other types of drugs, a person will soon find that they need more and more cocaine in order to be able to get the same good feelings from it. At the same time, cocaine can create a variety of feelings that a person didn’t have before. They include the feeling that people are watching them, hallucinations, and depression. As a result, of these negative feelings, the cravings for more cocaine continue to increase.

This is why many people overdose from their use of cocaine. They have reached that tolerance level of the body but continue to take more in spite of that. The need they have for this particular drug overrides their need for personal safety. Since cocaine can also affect the ability to reason and make decisions, it is very hard for someone to look at their own situation objectively.

The detox from cocaine is very different than that of other drugs such as heroin and even alcohol. A person deals with more withdrawal symptoms emotionally and mentally than physically. This does not mean that the process is not extremely difficult. That is why very few people are able to stop addiction without the help of trained professionals. There are effective forms of treatment out there for cocaine addiction. However, this is a very difficult drug to refrain from. Even after the use of it has stopped for several months, the body and the mind can continue to crave it. Effective treatment programs cover behavioral changes for the mind as well as the body. Even so, the rate of relapse is very high when you are talking about cocaine addiction


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