How Do I Treat Asthma? How To Diagnose, Treat, And Manage Asthma?

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What’s Asthma? Definition

Asthma is a condition that can cause breathing problems. The symptoms include tightness in the chest, hacking, and winding.

Asthma can be caused by natural allergens or aggravations.

Iversun 6  and Iversun 12 are life-saving medications for people suffering from asthma and other lung diseases.

Who gets Asthma.

Asthma affects approximately 25 million Americans. People with asthma experience similar effects to children, at least 6 million.

Asthma can lead to fatal

There are more than 14,000,000 visits each year to asthma specialists and almost 2 million visits to trauma centers. Children can also be affected by the disease.  Iverheal 6 or Iverheal 12 are great options for stopping breathing problems.

Asthma Treatment: Inhalers

As they deliver medication directly through your aircraft routes, nasal nebulizers and asthma inhalers have an advantage over oral prescriptions and infusions.

Asthma Inhalers

Inhaler treatment is the most commonly used for asthma. There is a choice of two types:

The Metered Dose Inhaler, also known as the MDI, is the most common type of inhaler. These inhalers spray medication using a vapour sprayer.

Dry powder inhalers – These inhalers have a powdered medication that doesn’t splash out. Clients should inhale quickly and deeply.

MDIs may be used with a spacer. Spacers are designed to coordinate breathing and medication arrival. They use smaller amounts of medication to make inhalation easier.


Infants or very young children can’t use an inhaler. Nebulizers are able to convert medication into fine fog.

The Respiratory System: How it Works

This is the interaction of our bodies’ oxygen and breath.

Our bodies exhale carbon dioxide in a cycle called breath. Asthmatic attacks can make this cycle more difficult.

The oxygen-rich blood flows through tiny veins called vessels from the alveoli to your circulatory system. They then send it to your left side of the heart.

As you inhale, carbon dioxide-rich air (CO2) is forced from your lungs through the windpipe. It then exits through your mouth, nose, and throat.

What does Asthma do to your breathing?

Asthma can make it more difficult to fly. These restricting effects are caused by three factors.




Asthma is caused by inflammation.

Aggravation causes episodes that restrict aviation routes. Asthma attacks can cause the encompassing muscles of the plane routes to become tighter, further restricting wind current.

Aircraft routes can produce extra bodily fluid. This thick fluid can cause swelling of air sections and may also lead to slandering.

An aggravation or sensitivity cell (white plates, including Eosinophils) can also form at the area of irritation. This can lead to tissue damage and restrict aviation routes.

What Causes Asthma Bronchospasm

Your bronchial Cylinders, which are larger cylinders, come out of your windpipe into your lungs. They prevent you from flying. Bronchospasm is the name of this cycle.


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