How can one enjoy a spa day at home?

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We are aware that learning to combine working from home, spending time with family, and other obligations may be challenging (trust us). You certainly need some rest right about now more than ever, but your typical spa day might seem a little out of your price range. We’re prepared to assist. As it turns out, having a great massage spa day at home is simpler than you may imagine. We’re outlining the four key components of the ideal spa visit.

  • Spa Essential 1: Preparation

The therapist responded without hesitation when we asked him to describe the most crucial element in organizing the couple’s spa day: preparation. Everything at a premium beer spa is set out to minimize disruptions so that you may rest uninterrupted from one treatment to the next. Therefore, ensuring you have everything you’ll need in advance enables you to enjoy this at-home spa day. Here are a few factors to remember as you prepare for the perfect at-home spa day:

Set your intention:

Set goals for yourself at this time and get in the right frame of mind for the day. Setting an intention can help you become more calm, attentive to your thoughts, and present-focused. Tomorrow, your to-do list (as well as your Instagram feed) will still be there.

Commit to a time:

A period when you won’t be disturbed is ideal for work or other commitments. Try scheduling it just like a beer spa appointment on your calendar. This might act as a prompt to yourself to commit to taking this time for some much-needed self-care.

Plan for what you’ll need:

Make a list of everything you’ll need for your perfect at-home couples spa day, including candles, matches, skincare items, towels, and snacks. And, if feasible, a babysitter.

Include your friends or significant other:

Think about putting up your tablet for a virtual spa day with pals who often accompany you to the spa! Choose a time when you can share the experience with your significant other if you have one. For example, they may learn how to put on a mask, or you can teach them massage methods and have them practice them. Of course, we completely understand if you need some alone time, but we believe that going to the spa with your loved ones is always a bit more enjoyable.

  • Spa Essential 2: Ambiance

If you reflect on your most recent visit to a high-end spa, you’ll recall how the atmosphere immediately put you at ease. You were prompted to take deep breaths and let go of any stress by the pleasant sounds and fragrant odors. With three few steps, you can create this peaceful environment at home.

Create a relaxation room:

Try using your bedroom as a space to prepare your mind and body before your treatments rather than being restricted to your bathroom, which could or might not be as roomy as your preferred spa. Lay out your softest robe and slippers in the room, prepare some snacks, and perhaps add an eye mask to complete the experience.

Choose the perfect scent:

Consider using a candle, humidifier, or essential oil diffuser to infuse your area with healing fragrances. Therapists suggest using lavender, Roman chamomile, or cedar wood to reduce stress and maintain emotional equilibrium. Lavender, which is well recognized for its relaxing effects, promotes healing and lowers pressure. Roman chamomile helps ease stress and aid concentration, while grounding cedar wood fosters a sense of belonging and connection.

Set the mood with music:

The correct music may calm your thoughts and assist in blocking out any outside sounds. There are several spa playlists available on Spotify or other popular streaming services. Try using a sound machine or sleep sounds app for some relaxing ocean waves if you’d instead picture yourself on a beach somewhere. For the ultimate escape, combine coconut smells and water enriched with tropical fruits.

  • Spa Essential 3: Revitalizing Treatments

The ideal massage spa treatment comprises two key components: goods and technique, regardless of whether your preferred service is a facial that makes you glow, a body scrub that restores your radiance, or a soothing massage. The therapist was kind enough to share his insider knowledge on replicating some fantastic treatments at home using items you might already have in your kitchen or can quickly have delivered from your neighborhood grocery shop. To reproduce your preferred luxurious treatment, adhere to the steps listed below.

Flawless microdermabrasion facial:

In a small dish, combine one tablespoon baking soda, 1 14 teaspoon water, and two drops of essential oil (optional) and stir until a liquid mixture forms. Use circular upward strokes to massage your face, neck, and decollate region. After rinsing, use your preferred moisturizer or face mask. This technique can help all skin types. However, it shouldn’t be used more than twice per week.

Massage Spa Chicago
Massage Spa Chicago

Skin-smoothing body scrub:

Combine 34 cups white or brown sugar with 12 cups fractionated coconut oil, 14 cups of your favorite essential oil, and enough liquid to get the desired consistency. No concerns if you don’t have coconut oil on hand. You may use any nut, grapeseed, or light oil as a replacement. Utilize circular motions to apply the mixture to your skin, then shower off.

Relaxing massage:

Use high-quality massage oil or cream for a fantastic at-home massage. To leave your skin soft and smooth, try opting for one with skin-nourishing components like Vitamin E, A, and Jojoba.

  • Spa Essential 4: Sips and Snacks

Snacks may not be necessary, but we respectfully disagree. Instead, treat yourself to handmade snacks in the relaxation room with a hint of sweetness, or it might be satisfying to have your favorite light lunch from the spa menu. But, of course, you must drink something cool to go with your delectable meal. After all, what would a massage spa day be without flavored waters and some bubbly?


Start your spa visit with a glass of your favorite sparkling wine (or sparkling grape juice). Then, add a few raspberries or any fruit you choose to add a touch of elegance. Staying hydrated is crucial when practicing massage; if you ask us, hydration always tastes a little bit better when combined with fresh fruit. Try using strawberries, lemon, and mint for a tasty citrus alternative. For a tropical variant, try pineapple, coconut, and lime. Serve cold or over ice, as appropriate.

Spa snacks:

For a refreshing but delicious snack, layer cream cheese, fresh dill, mayonnaise, and a pinch of sea salt on fresh bread or crackers. If you’re craving something sweet, pick a variety of tea biscuits or make your granola with essential ingredients like honey, coconut oil, almonds, and dried fruit. At 300 degrees, baked for about 20 minutes, and voilà! For a straightforward and tasty parfait, include some fresh fruit and yogurt.

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