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It so happened that not each of our designers can make a truly reasonable AAA-class project, and assuming they do, it isn’t without the assistance of unfamiliar organizations. Thus, War gaming and 1C Game Studios collaborated to make a homegrown shooter Caliber – both to raise the enthusiastic soul and to repulse unfamiliar jokesters. I got an opportunity to get to CBT and survey the capability of game improvement with my own eyes and hands.

All that will be composed underneath is the simply private belief of the creator, which may not agree with the assessment of the editors of the site, as well as yours. The audit was made given the present status of the game on CBT.


Following the send-off of the game, it is proposed to take a basic course about the game, classes, as well as preparing. We should begin all together – about the game. Type is a homegrown third-individual shooter with an extremely impressive accentuation in all-around composed group play in a crew (of 4 individuals). The situating is cool, I preferred it since there are truly scarcely any commendable agreeable shooters with an accentuation in the group part. There are 4 primary classes in the game: Assault, Support, Sniper, and Medic. A standard arrangement of classes that doesn’t hang out in any capacity. Everybody plays their part.

Before preparing, they as of now offer you the chance to pick a class. Later on, it very well may be changed. Also, the principal thing that quickly got my attention was the point of interaction, basically the same as the one in The Division, just marginally changed.

However, concerning material science, I have a twofold assessment here

After different shooters, physical science appears to be too cumbersome, particularly as far as shooting and development. The person some way or another thinks firmly, or the controls consume a large chunk of the day to react to the activities of pointing or running. Maybe this is purposeful (I’m inclining towards this variant) – it will truly look extremely unfortunate when your employable is surging around like a speed runner. In any case, here it merits adding that the material science of shooting (and force) ought to be revised. I would incline towards more reasonable.

What’s more, this is what I promptly preferred – the illustrations. Up until this point, the CBT has quite recently started, yet map streamlining is now being conveyed. The nature of the image, the elaboration of the guides have a decent effect, it is quickly evident that the designers are making a decent attempt.

With the executives, things are, obviously, poor – the person strolls, runs, squats, but doesn’t bounce. Can move over substantial hindrance blocks. Sadly, he can neither take cover behind cover nor shoot indiscriminately (I would like this to be adjusted).


The PVE mode left a nonpartisan inclination that I once experienced someplace. It might appear to be unrealistic, implausible, or I could be off-base – however this specific mode (up to this point!) Looks the same as the PVE method of War face – exceptionally poor, dreary: landing/showing up, moment experience with the foe, finishing responsibilities (fundamentally catching or annihilation of information), and the last errand (predominantly the catch hold of the last point).

It merits adding that the players with whom I played their jobs genuinely – they didn’t move forward, and assuming they were shot, they quickly crept towards me (played as a Medic). Rivals (bots) have some, however insight. Dissimilar to different shooters, rivals promptly run for cover, continually run among them, and fire at you ordinarily. In any case, obviously, somewhat obtuse.


What’s more frankly, I was reluctant to enter the PVP mode like in card game บาคาร่า, considering the way that I would get a terrible group, and “type daddies” would twist around. Also here it isn’t. I found the game rapidly (30 seconds), and everybody knew what to do: the assault airplane promptly went ahead for the primary contact with the adversary and surveillance battle. Support and an expert sharpshooter left to cover me.

The battle endures something like 10 minutes, just 5 adjusts (the group that first takes 3 rounds wins). The guides are not exceptionally huge (they play 4vs4), they are nearly halls, however, there are places for moves, ambushes, and strategic pieces.

As well as everything, each class has its strategic chips (advantages), which are immediately siphoned and give a little benefit, for instance, as “falcon vision” to recognize the adversary (they will likewise see my group). Weapons and modules are likewise siphoned rapidly, giving a slight benefit as far as comfort and ergonomics (however there are as yet not many of them, very much like advantages).


The shooter Caliber truly has potential, its chips, as well as a little, yet at the same time zing. Albeit the game is in a dynamic turn of events, despite everything in CBT (since August 2019), we might want to see all the more enormous scope upgrades – more weapons, advantages, guides, and missions with various errands for PVE.


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