HNA Technology won the China Aviation Maintenance Red Crown Award for four consecutive years

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China Civil Aviation Network correspondent Xiong Jun reported: On December 9, the 4th China Aviation Maintenance Summit (MRO China) was held in Xiamen. HNA technical representatives were invited to attend the summit and published a theme entitled “The Meta-Future of Aviation Maintenance Training” speech. At this summit, the VR maintenance skills training application system developed by HNA Technology was awarded the “Management Innovation Award” of the 4th China Aviation Maintenance Red Crown Award. This is the fourth consecutive year that HNA Technology has won the China Aviation Maintenance Red Crown Award.

It is understood that the China Aviation Maintenance Summit ( MRO China) is co-sponsored by the Civil Aviation Maintenance Association of China and AVIC Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. It is committed to discussing the policies and regulations, development direction, management concepts and advanced methods, new technologies, and new technologies of the aviation maintenance industry in China. Hot topics such as service improvement. The China Aviation Maintenance Red Crown Award is recommended and selected by senior experts in the industry to select the most influential companies, projects and leaders in the field of aviation maintenance in China.

At the summit, Gao Yukun, general manager of the HNA Technical Speaker Training Management Department, combined with the recent hot concept “Meta Universe”, expounding the prospects for the future development of aviation maintenance training. “Meta universe presents explosive power beyond imagination. It provides unprecedented interoperability. It involves AI/XR/big data/data twins/blockchain and other emerging technologies to create editable open training courses and realize multi-person Real-time interactive scenarios solve the problems of information communication and collaborative training, and bring new experiences to students. In the future, through continuous thinking and expanding the application of meta-technology in civil aviation maintenance training, it will gradually reduce equipment dependence and provide a highly immersive training experience. Rich and accurate data, in-depth exploration of human factors and shortcomings of skills, to provide managers with comprehensive portraits.” Gao Yukun said.

It is understood that the HNA Technology VR Maintenance Skills Training Application System, which has been awarded the “Management Innovation Award” this time, innovatively combines the aircraft maintenance training system with VR technology, allowing the maintenance trainees to “immersively” perform practical operations. Training and virtual training are not limited by venue and time. While improving the efficiency of personnel training, it also reduces the loss of aircraft caused by errors due to insufficient personnel skills. Since 2018, HNA Technology has begun to research and promote the development of VR maintenance skills training application systems, combined with the development of 5G information applications and training platforms, and continuously optimize the progress of VR projects, and overcome the development of complete machine surveying and mapping, modeling, technical courses and data. Difficulties such as platform construction. After the system application platform went online, it became the first authorized practice training platform based on VR technology approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The first stage of the project’s slide package disassembly and assembly training course is the first authorized practice training based on VR technology approved by the bureau in China. It has been fully put into use in Hainan Airlines technology. It is also used in the maintenance training class. In the recent civil aviation aircraft maintenance skills competition in Hainan, the VR technology was used for the first time in the competition, which broadened the use of the VR maintenance skills training application system. In November 2021, the project was included in the 2021 provincial key research and development plan of the Hainan Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

As a local aviation maintenance company in Hainan, HNA Technology will continue to uphold innovative development concepts, improve management efficiency, improve maintenance reliability, and provide safe and high-quality aviation maintenance services. At the same time, HNA Technology will give full play to the policy advantages of Hainan Free Trade Port, promote cooperation with leading international companies in the industry, build a complete aviation maintenance industry chain, establish a high-quality aviation maintenance service brand, and help the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.


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