Here Is Why People Are Switching to Smart Homes

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Smart homes are all the hype these days. According to statistics, nearly 350 million people will switch to a smart home setup by 2023. The convenience, comfort, and ease of a smart home are unparalleled. Smart home technology has become more common than one realizes. Nearly 69% of US households have at least one smart device in their home. Furthermore, the international smart home market is forecasted to surpass 495 billion by 2028.
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What is the hype behind smart homes? Does the idea of a smart home intrigue you? If yes, you are in the right place. Here is all you need to know about smart homes.

What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is equipped with electronic devices centrally controlled via a smartphone through the internet. These ‘smart devices’ may include lights, thermostats, home security systems, home assistants, and small appliances like a coffee machine.
The practice of building a smart home or integrating smart devices into your home is called home automation. Some of the most common examples of home automation are house lighting controlled via an app, scheduled lawn irrigation, etc.

The Convenience of Automation

For an outsider looking in, home automation may seem like nothing but an expensive frivolous endeavor. However, this is far from the truth. The main attraction of home automation is the unparalleled convenience it offers.
You can control and manage different home devices from the convenience of your phone. It is truly a marvel of technology how various home devices are connected to the same interface making home management easier.

Seamless Integration of New Technology

Newer devices will replace what seems like revolutionary technology now. A smart home makes the transition to future technology seamless. A smart home setup is more flexible than a standard house in accepting newer models and technologies. Once you start your home automation journey, you can add smart devices one by one. You will experience how the integration of a new device becomes easier with time.

Leveled Up Home Security

Home automation provides a new layer of security to your house. You can incorporate the latest security features into your home security system and experience an enhanced sense of security. Some of the latest home security features include real-time surveillance, motion detection, automated locks on entrances, etc. You can control all these security features from your phone via an app.
The best part about this is you do not need to ask anyone to keep an eye out for your home if you are traveling. You can review the surveillance footage and get motion detector updates on your phone. With a smart home security system, you can enjoy your vacation in peace.

Energy Efficiency

We can be inconsiderate towards our carbon output. A McKinsey study reveals that we are prone to leaving lights open after exiting a room and having the AC running even when the temperature is comfortable. It leads to needless energy waste.
Climate change is real and we need to take steps towards a greener future to minimize the harmful effects of climate change. A smart home is energy efficient. You can schedule the AC and other devices to turn off automatically after a while.

A Modern Lifestyle

Imagine this, you wake up and your coffee is ready for you, the kitchen area is well lit, and you have a delightful start to the day as you enjoy your coffee and read the news. You do not have to wake up grumpy and wait for that caffeine to kick in. You can program the coffee machine to brew you a hot cup as you freshen up.
Furthermore, you can adjust the house temperature remotely to your liking before reaching home after a tiring day at work. Smart homes are the epitome of modern living.

In Conclusion

Smart homes offer many benefits including convenience, energy efficiency, and comfort. Home automation is exciting, to say the least. Smart homes are a step forward towards a better life. Start your home automation journey today to experience the ultimate modern lifestyle.


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