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When you see Egyptian movies, you may notice the gods in the movies. Whether they are Anubis or Osiris, these characters are powerful, but who are they really? Let’s take a closer look at each character. Here are some facts about these Egyptian gods. Whether you’re a film fan or not, you can learn about them.


Osiris is a god who has appeared in several popular media works. The Gods of Egypt series portrayed him as the rightful heir to the throne. In one episode, he is killed by his brother Set. The series then continues with his son Horus. Another notable appearance of Osiris in popular media is in the television series Supernatural. The character is an Egyptian god who passes judgment on Dean Winchester in season seven. He also appears as a god in the video game Age of Mythology, where players must reunite Osiris’ body parts and face Set.

Besides serving as a god of water and fertility, Osiris was also the ruler of the underworld. His rule was reflected in the annual flood of the Nile and the sprouting of vegetation. The god was also closely associated with death, and the ancient Egyptians believed that he was a dead king who was revived by his brother Seth. In some cultures, the resurrection of the deceased is a sign of hope for eternal life.


Set has a rocky past and is a reluctant hero in the movies. He is constantly at odds with his brother Osiris and his father Ra. But he eventually learns that Ra has a plan for him. Set’s mistreatment of his brother was actually his training for a future as defender of the world. He takes on a dangerous mission, and when it is revealed that he will be able to sprout wings in his armor, he goes on to overpower him.

The set also includes Ra, the Sun God. Set takes the body parts of other gods and bonds them to his armor, supposedly giving him omniscience, wisdom, and protection from harm. However, most of the bonding is simply to get Set to Ra’s barge, and it may have something to do with remaking the world in his image.

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The god of death, Anubis, was an important part of Ancient Egyptian culture. In addition to serving as the lord of the dead, he was considered an important guardian of the afterlife. Many Egyptians believed that the deity would punish tomb robbers and protect the good. In addition, people believed that Anubis’ presence would make their eternal life happy and peaceful. However, many modern artists have distorted Anubis’ powers to make him seem more sinister. This was a result of fear and the modern entertainment value that comes from depictions of the god.

As one of the most important gods of Egyptian mythology, Anubis often takes the form of different animals. For instance, he is most often depicted with the head of a jackal. However, some depictions show him as a wolf.

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In the movie Gods of Egypt, Nephthys plays a major role. She is portrayed as a powerful, benevolent goddess who can empower priests and heal the sick. She represents the feminine aspects of Egypt and is also a symbol of mummification. The story goes on to describe how the goddess preserved the body of Osiris by taking the form of a kite.

Nephthys is the leader of the divine resistance against Set. Her role in the movie begins with her role as a mediator between gods and mortals. Her role in the story demonstrates how powerful she is, despite being mortal. Set’s ambitions are also reminiscent of Horus’ obsession with restoring the throne. Moreover, Set carries out a quest to destroy the barrier between the living and the dead. Her relationship with the gods sets her apart from the other gods.


Zaya is an Egyptian goddess who worships Horus and wears a symbol of the god around her neck. She also worships Set, the son of Osiris, and is upset when he spits on her. Bek, on the other hand, hates the gods, and says they pray to other gods.

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Bek is a love interest to the main character, Zaya, and is a witness to the God family squabbles. She also helps Zaya and her family save the human race from a monster. Apophis, the god of chaos, is not a giant serpent or worm, but a two-dimensional moving gateway covered in teeth.

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Courtney Eaton

Australian actress and model Courtney Eaton has a variety of roles in film and TV. She has starred as Zaya in Gods of Egypt, Ava in Line of Duty, and Cheedo in Mad Max: Fury Road. Courtney Eaton is a fan of Egyptian mythology and has a particular fondness for the Egyptian Goddess Hathor.

Courtney Eaton began her acting career in the hit Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy. Later, she starred in the epic film Gods of Egypt, where she played slave girl Zaya. Her role in Gods of Egypt was based on Egyptian mythology, and gained Eaton more fame and attention. She then starred in the independent movie Newness, which is a touching story about relationships.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Movies that cast white actors as Egyptian gods are fraught with controversy. The film Gods Of Egypt, directed by Alex Proyas and produced by Summit Entertainment, has sparked accusations of whitewashing. Its white cast includes Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as the god Set. Critics also questioned the movie’s choice of title. They claimed that Gods At War would be a more appropriate choice.

In the movie, a vengeful god called Horus takes the form of a mortal to fight against a cruel god called Set, who usurped the throne of Egypt. Horus must change his heart and avenge his father and reclaim his throne. He is a winged, falcon-shaped deity whose powers reside in his eyes.

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