We all know the game “mafia” and some of its video game adaptations, the most famous of which is, of course, among us. GNOSTIA is another variation on the theme, this time in a visual novel and rogue-like format.

As in among us, the action here takes place on a spaceship, among the crew members of which there are traitors. Only here they are called the titular GNOSIA because they are confused with an unknown life form – (there are theories that she is from another dimension) and now they only pretend that they remain people, but they hunt the rest at night, trying not to give yourself away during the day.

During each cycle into which the passage is divided, during the day we communicate and vote on who to consider as ” and send them to stasis (cold sleep), and at night we wait whether one of the crew members will be killed or not. If they kill, then we have neutralized the innocent, and GNOSIA is still on board. When all the aliens are caught, the cycle will end with the victory of the people. And, conversely, they “will win when there are fewer people on board than them.

You will be surprised, but this is an ordinary crew member.

In this case, everyone plays their roles, which are distributed at the beginning of each cycle. In addition to a simple crew member, you can be chosen just for the role of a traitor (or you will do it) – in this case, during the voting, you need to convince someone else to go into stasis, not you. Well, at night we choose who we will kill – and here we also need to act competently so as not to burn ourselves.

This is where we go hunting.

Once a day, the engineer can check if the selected character is a human. The doctor can determine whether the person placed in stasis was a GNOSIA or not. “Guardian angel” has the right to protect one character from the attack of strangers. And, for example, ac followers are people who went over to the side of GNOSIA. And they, too, can lie during the discussion before the vote.

The results of the cycle are shown very clearly.

This discussion lasts long enough (and before it there are one or two scenes to chat with others in their rooms on the ship) – during it you can take the floor yourself, accusing someone or, conversely, stating that he is innocent. Or you can wait for others to say something. If you are accused, you will have to make excuses, and if someone else, then there are options to support him or the majority – and then see how other characters react to this.

And who can I cover? Everyone lies

In all of this, the characteristics of the character play a huge role. Everyone has certain levels of friendliness (amicability) and trust (trust), which affect all actions during the discussion – they determine how many people in the team will join the accusations against the character or, conversely, support him. There are also several pump-able parameters. So, charisma helps to convince other characters of their innocence, to take your side when you accuse someone, or, conversely, protect them. With high levels of intuition, the game itself will tell you that the character is lying. And, for example, a high level of stealth will help to avoid attacks from GNOSIA. There is also logic, charm, and performance.

Each parameter is important in its way.

Victory or defeat in each cycle as happened in slot games brings more or fewer experience points, and then these parameters can be pumped for them. This is also important because many of them protect your levels of friendliness and trust from the decline that occurs when others argue with you, accuse you, and so on. And they also allow you to deal damage to the same characteristics of opponents.

In addition, upon reaching a certain level of the parameter, it becomes possible to use action skills – for example, to convince other characters to confess what roles they play. As a rule, in this case, two or three engineers and doctors will appear at once (although there can only be one each) – which means that one of them is lying.

Not everyone willingly believes us.

In the end, it all comes down to watching what other characters say and how they react, skillfully bluffing yourself, and not being too substituted. Because, for example, if you play as GNOSIA and actively argue with someone, and then decide to remove the same character at night, then it is clear that suspicion will fall on you. And even as a person, you need to watch what you say – very often excessive chatter attempts to accuse or protect someone, begin to annoy and lead others to seditious thoughts – the level of hatred towards you, and, most likely, the player himself vote and neutralize.

It is also important to check the reports of engineers and doctors (although some of them lie) and discover new details about the crew members. So, you can find out that someone has a high level of intuition and does not like it when they lie, which means that if such a character accuses someone, then you should listen to him.


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