Giving Plants Proper Ventilation with the Right Grow Equipment

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According to recent reports, at least 55 percent of Americans are gardening these days. Of those, nearly 70 percent are growing vegetables and herbs to use in their culinary creations and share with loved ones. Gardening is one of the most rapidly growing hobbies right now, and it’s expected to surge even higher in the years to come.

Bringing the Garden Indoors

While gardening is growing ever more popular, available space for taking part in this practice seems to be getting more sparse. Because of that, many people are now bringing their gardens indoors. Some grow plants in their homes while others use greenhouses. In both situations, gardeners must provide all the essentials plants would normally glean from Mother Nature.

Grow Equipment

Fortunately, indoor growing equipment is readily available these days. Numerous types of equipment are on the market, catering to the needs of small-scale gardeners and expansive greenhouse owners alike. Gardeners of all scopes and preferences can now take advantage of the latest technology in the field to help their indoor gardens thrive.

Keeping Indoor Plants Healthy

Most gardeners are aware that plants need certain resources to survive. They generally get various amounts of vital nutrients from the soil. Of course, without water, they wouldn’t be able to draw up nutrients through their roots. Furthermore, without plenty of sunlight, they’d be unable to process water, nutrients, and other resources to make food.

Air is also crucial for plants. They require oxygen and carbon dioxide to thrive. They draw in carbon dioxide and small amounts of oxygen to help them carry out the process of photosynthesis. In doing so, they help scrub the air clean and produce additional oxygen for other living organisms to use.

Giving Plants Proper Ventilation

When plants are grown outdoors, they have all the fresh air they need. Oxygen and carbon dioxide readily circulate around them, so they can use those elements as needed. Most of the time, Earth’s atmosphere and weather patterns automatically keep air flowing to keep plants at the right temperatures to stay healthy. When the wind blows, it further helps to keep plants at optimal temperatures.

Indoors, though, none of that happens automatically. Indoor plants rely on their growers to provide adequate ventilation. Giving plants the airflow they need is important for several reasons.

For one, ventilation keeps the air around the plants from growing stagnant. It helps to maintain proper concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide for plants to draw from. Ventilation likewise aids in regulating temperatures. That’s particularly important for indoor plants that could be exposed to harsh, hot grow lights and other potentially harmful factors.

Keep Fresh Air Flowing for Indoor Plants

Some indoor gardeners are able to get away with using basic fans to keep air flowing around their indoor plants. In most cases, though, box fans just aren’t enough to regulate temperatures and maintain optimal levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. For the majority of indoor gardeners, it’s best to use more complex ventilation systems that cover all the important airflow factors to keep plants healthy.

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