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Restricted Access Piling is one of the trickiest pilings that only a few companies offer. UK underpinning solutions is one of those companies that is offering its best services to provide you excellent restricted access piling services.

Where access is restricted, or significant plant is prohibited, foundations are also created by the utilization of a restricted access pile. Piles are often created beneath a pair of 0.8m of headroom during a kind of sizes and among 550mm of existing walls by the utilization of specialist compliant rig guarding.

Restricted access piles are often put in among and thru, existing basements and foundations and squished for retrofitting existing structures and accessing remote and/or logistically difficult locations.

They’re conjointly ideal for overcoming drawbacks. Restricted access piles square measure the popular resolution in advanced urban square measures that comprise fill material of varied sorts or are adjacent to sensitive buildings with tough access.

How they work

Cased Auger:

Temporary drill casings area unit trained to the bottom of any unstable bowed down deposits to supply borehole stability. The bore is then extended on the far side of the casing to the complete style depth victimization open-hole auger drilling techniques. Upon achieving the specified depth.

The augers area unit is aloof from the borehole, and therefore the pile shaft is crammed with either concrete or grout. The reinforcement will either be put in the pre or post-concreting part and relies upon a variety of issues.

Sectional Flight Auger:

Piles area unit fashioned victimization sectional lengths of a hollow stemmed auger, bored till the specified depth is reached. Concrete or grout is wired through the stem of the auger string. As every section of the auger is withdrawn from the bore. Once the augers area unit is absolutely aloof from the bore, the reinforcement is plunged to the specified depth.


kind of like the cased auger technique, this methodology utilizes inside drill steel instead of an auger. The drill steel will be employed in combination with a drilling bit, and a down-the-outlet hammer utilizing varied flushing mediums, as well as water, air, and drill muds. Bachy Soletanche additionally provides a self-drilling restricted access column system.

Restricted Access Piling
Restricted Access Piling

Ground beam foundation 

The Ground Beam Foundation is the beam that is provided typically at the inspiration level to support building walls, joists, etc. usually the bottom beams are directly refreshed on the bottom, generally, they’ll be supported by finish piers.

The followings are the facts relating to the bottom beam;

  • Typically ground beams are products of concrete.
  • Ground beams are usually created at the foundation level.
  • Ground beads support walls, joists, etc.
  • It is provided wherever the soil-bearing capability below the wall is poor.

Ground beams are usually created from concrete, and low-rise buildings are usually created in place. However, as this may be a comparatively long technique, the employment of formed concrete ground beams has multiplied.

The advantages of victimization ground beam square measure that they’re faster to put in than typical footings, and permit uncertainties relating to ground conditions to be overcome. They conjointly produce a correct bearing level, reducing the number of leveling up that’s needed before commencing to build up the construction.

Ground beams could also be accustomed support brickwork, block work then on. However, might also be used at the sting of in-place concrete floor slabs, wherever they type permanent shuttering. They incline to be square or rectangular in section and might be designed to include notches, finish details, and sloping faces.

Plinth beam vs ground beam

Constructed slightly beyond ground level, the support level is wherever the support beam is built. It helps to tie all told the columns of a structure to cut back the slenderness magnitude relation. Usually, a minimum of two bars on the highest and bottom, ten millimeters wide, square measure wont to construct it.

A ground beam is built at the foundational level of a structure. It helps to support the wall, beam, and different structures, particularly in places. Wherever the soil isn’t durable enough to support the structure.

In different words, the bottom beam helps to ascertain a powerful foundation to start construction. Thus, the selection of the right beam is extremely important as per the building type. In case you need any guidance or services you can reach us anytime.


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