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It is well known that vitamin D is crucial for good health. You might be surprised to learn that this vitamin comes from other sources besides the sun. The National Institutes of Health claim that only a minimal amount of vitamin D is obtained via exposure to sunlight. Food and dietary supplements provide the remaining energy.

Vitamin D3: What Is It?

Your body requires vitamin D3 as a nutrient to remain healthy. It facilitates the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food, such as calcium and phosphorus, that are necessary for strong bones and teeth.
Vitamin D3 can be obtained in several methods, including UV light treatment, fortified foods, and supplements. Consult your physician to determine the optimal vitamin D3 for you and whether you should take a supplement.

Sunlight as a Vitamin D3 Source

Although the sun is the primary source of vitamin D3, it’s essential to understand that not all sun exposure is equal.
But skin cancer and early aging are also caused by UVB radiation. Therefore it’s essential to use caution when tanning. When outdoors, wear sunscreen at all times and limit your time in the sun to 10-15 minutes per day during peak hours.


Salmon is one of the top food sources of vitamin D3. It naturally responds to sunshine, and its fatty acids enable it to absorb and transport nutrients efficiently. Salmon is an excellent source of protein as well as several necessary vitamins and minerals.

Salmon liver oil

A great source of vitamin D3 is fish liver oil. It contains significant amounts of vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D3. This makes it one of the most concentrated sources of nutrients and a central component of traditional diets worldwide.


Orange juice can help your daily intake even if it is not a particularly useful source of vitamin D3 compared to exposure to sunlight. Studies have shown that one cup of fortified orange juice can supply 30 to 60 IU (International Units) of vitamin D3 — or around 1% to 2% of the RDA for a healthy adult. As a result, including a glass of orange juice in your daily routine may be a beneficial supplement to raise your levels of Vitamin D3.

“egg yolk”

A great source of vitamin D3 is egg yolk. Additionally, you may be sure you’re getting the best possible quality because it is one of the few organically produced dietary sources of vitamin D3. The egg yolk is very adaptable and helpful in a variety of foods. One large yolk of an egg contains almost 11% of the daily required amount of vitamin D3. That makes ensuring you get adequate vitamin D each day simple.


If you’re looking for a source of vitamin D3, milk is a great choice. To assist people in receiving enough of this critical ingredient, milk is fortified with vitamin D. It’s vital to remember that exposure to sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D3. Since not everyone has access to sunlight daily, taking foods like milk that has been vitamin D-fortified can also be beneficial.
It’s also important to note that some milk brands are fortified with vitamins A and D. Vitamin A’s capacity to increase absorption makes it easier for the body to absorb vitamin D. If you’re seeking healthy sources of vitamins, check for milk brands that have Vitamins A and D listed on the label!


The fact that mushrooms can also be a source of vitamin D3 may surprise you. Many mushrooms, especially those exposed to UV light, contain ergosterol and vitamin D3, but the levels vary. The kidneys and liver must first activate this form before the body can use it as vitamin D3, which it does. Therefore, increasing your intake of this vital nutrient can be achieved by including a few different types of mushrooms in your diet.

enriched grains

Cereals with added vitamin D3 are another source. Nowadays, many cereal brands come fortified with vitamin D3, making it simple to ensure you’re consuming the appropriate amount each day. To be sure you receive enough in each serving, look for the “enhanced with Vitamin D3” label on your cereal box and review the nutritional details. Fortified cereals are a terrific way to get your required daily Vitamin D3 without using supplements or depending on the sun.

Animal liver

Beef liver is another food source of vitamin D3. Although it is an excellent source of many essential elements, like copper, zinc, and phosphorus, it is also high in saturated fats and cholesterol. It might not be the ideal option for people seeking a healthy substitute. However, it has a respectable amount of vitamin D3, so you can still benefit from it without consuming liver.

supplements with vitamin D3

It might be simple to consume the recommended daily amount of vitamin D3 by taking a vitamin D3 supplement. According to estimates, approximately two-thirds of Americans aged 1 to 70 are at risk for vitamin D3 deficiency. It is considerably simpler to consume the appropriate amount of vitamin D3, thanks to the majority of supplements providing 1000–4000 IU each dose. The highest-rated supplements in the world, EphuroaLabs Vitamin D3 supplements are the best source of vitamin D3. You may fill your vitamin D3 deficits with one daily medication and some effort.


The best strategy for getting enough vitamin D3 is to consume a range of healthful foods and, if necessary, take a supplement. Read more


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