Fabric Guide: Which Is Suitable To Wear On a Rainy Day?

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Our most favourite season of the year has almost hit India. This time of year is all about thunderous clouds, crackling lightning, and the crispness of the rain. There’s something comforting about the damp, earthy smell of mud after a rainstorm.

The splendour of the monsoon may be celebrated in a variety of ways. Do not let a few rainy days stand between you and your love of the outdoors. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and think that rain doesn’t necessitate any alterations to our clothes. In order to keep dry, you don’t want to wear a lot of heavy clothes, nor do you want to be soaked.

You can still make your fashion game strong in the season by just choosing some good to go fabrics. 


Is there somebody in your life who avoids going out in the rain because they have no clue what to wear? Monsoons are a great time to wear natural materials like cotton and mulmul, which have a low-absorbency property.

When worn in a humid atmosphere, cotton keeps you cool and dry by allowing air to move in and around your skin.

Their cooling effect is achieved by letting the air circulate around the skin while keeping the skin dry, making them ideal for humid weather.

To create a nice dress, you can opt for cotton handloom fabric as it is of high quality and gives an amazing look. 


Despite its silk-like appearance, this fabric’s cool and airy composition makes it more like cotton or linen. It doesn’t keep you warm, and it quickly absorbs sweat. Because of its ability to wick away moisture from the skin, rayon is an excellent choice for activewear and humid areas.

In addition to shrinking while wet and requiring dry cleaning or hand washing, many rayon fabrics cannot be washed in the machine and must be dry cleaned or hand washed. You must be quite careful while selecting rayon because of the care instructions and warnings that come with the material.

To prevent this, you may spice up your monsoon wardrobe by using cotton mixes. In addition to being breathable and airy, rayon is also somewhat shinier than conventional cotton, making it an ideal cotton mix.


Denim seems to be an unattractive choice for the rainy season since it grows heavier and takes longer to dry when wet.

Even so, denim with a cotton/cotton blend might be a relief during the rainy season. In addition, denim conveys a casual and easygoing mood. You should always choose a lightweight fabric when wearing denim in damp conditions, since wet denim is cumbersome to manage.

Ripped denim shorts are the way to go this monsoon if you want to look your best. Wear a faded pair with a graphic top for a casual look. You can also customise your drape with some printed denim fabric. To have a cool and relaxed look, you can go with a denim shirt, a casual t-shirt and denim jeans. 

In fabriclore, you can explore types of denim fabrics for your outfit if you are fond of tailored dresses. 


When it comes to monsoon attire, Khadi should be your go-to option. For a refined and sophisticated appearance, use natural textiles like cotton khadi fabric. They dry fast, don’t crumple, and keep their shape.

In addition, the stains are rapidly removed from handloom khadi fabric. Shorter lengths of khadi will keep the bottoms clean from the moist mud. Comfort is the only thing you get from khadi.

To get high quality khadi fabricated dresses, you must go for tailored outfits. To make it relaxed and comfy, keep it short, like choosing a shirt with the same shaded shorts or mini skirts. You can also pick light-hued fabrics for creating such dresses. 


No wonder, even before the rain drops make contact with the earth’s surface, our hearts and minds begin to work in sync with each other. To not be stuck with the rainy season, you should alter your closet prior to the rainy weather. So do not look any further and go with these fabrics and decorate your wardrobe with some rain friendly materials.


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