Eyeglasses trends for autumn-winter 2022

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Autumn is the time when nature changes decisively in anticipation of winter and shows off intense, warm, fascinating colors. The change is also that of the habits of all of us who return to work, to school, to daily activities.

If everything changes, why not change your look starting from the accessories?

In this article, we present some ideas for buying trendy eyeglasses in autumn-winter 2022 from the eyeglasses boutique.

Spotted but classy eyeglasses

When yellow and orange begin to dot the leaves, it is the right time to choose pictorial-rimmed eyeglasses , in which the colors seem to have fallen from the masterful brush of an artist of the Pollock school.

A frame with a pink background with patches of tones that remind of the earth can be the ideal choice for both an office outfit and an evening one.

Showy but not too much. Feminine but determined. Classy but not snooty. A pair of glasses characterized by a clever combination of colors becomes the detail that enhances a woman’s face and takes even a very simple dress to a higher level.

Frames with nuances between wood and fire

Remaining in the field of eyeglasses for the female audience , you can go towards autumn and winter wearing a beautiful frame on the nose with shades that recall the external environment and go on all those shades ranging from orange dark to black , passing through varying degrees of brown .

The shape of the lenses reminiscent of the cat’s eye highlights even more the expression of a woman who wants to be sexy and glamorous.

Oval lenses and geometric frame

You can decide to go back to work or to the classroom with an innovative touch by purchasing glasses with traditional oval lenses, but inserted in a geometric frame that goes beyond the usual designs.

The color in this case can be extremely sober, even simple black can be the right choice to remain rigorous without, however, being too serious and plastered.

If you want to warm the coldest period of the year, you can opt for sunglasses in the colors of the sun , but always with a shape characterized by angles joined to circumferences.

Harmonic contrasts for unique eyeglasses

Entering autumn and then winter does not mean being austere and boring.

For this reason, those with a sparkling personality can decide to wear glasses with oval lenses and a two-tone frame, which is gracefully eccentric thanks to the sharp contrast of two shades , for example:

  • Black and yellow
  • Bordeaux and purple
  • Bordeaux and red
  • Indigo and transparent

Of course, this is not an accessory that can be worn by anyone, but it can be the distinctive element of a person who wants to remain etched in the memory of others.

Minimal eyeglasses but with a twist

An invisible frame , were it not for the perimeter that seems drawn with a colored marker .

Glasses with these characteristics are suitable for creative minds that do not give in to the ordinary and do not remain closed in stereotypes even when the climate requires them to remain sealed within four walls for a long time.


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