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Express Electrical North Hollywood Services offers a wide range of repair services and has the ability to identify the root of any issue. Lights that are flickering or fading, sparks, burning smells, or obvious damage to wires and insulation should not be disregarded. They pose an immediate risk and can start disastrous fires.

If necessary, a certified electrician can completely rewire your house.

An Expert in Electrical Installation in North Hollywood

We can send a 24-hour emergency electrician if you require troubleshooting, but you may schedule an appointment for any type of electrical installation, such as:

The panels for electricity

electrical receptacles

CO and smoke alarms.


Automation techniques

Roof or ceiling fans

cooling systems

Additionally, we may send a North Hollywood electrician to set up your very own charging station for electric cars. There are several in Los Angeles, but charging your vehicle might be pricey. Once your device is installed, you won’t have to pay exorbitant fees to charge your car.

Upgrades to Home Automation in North Hollywood

You can rely on Express Electrical to install the most recent home automation electrical technologies. Our electricians are able to put in security cameras, blinds and door locks that can be operated from a distance, and automation controls for outdoor lighting. With simple, fully functional data and voice controls, you can save energy, increase security, and reduce your monthly utility expenses.

Available Highly Recommended, Licensed Los Angeles County Electrician 24/7

In North Hollywood, electricians from Express Electrical North Hollywood Services are on the job and may be at your house in 60 to 90 minutes. We can help if you need electrical remodeling, have flickering lights, power outages, or any other issues. In North Hollywood, customers frequently rely on ourĀ 

24-hour electrical service.

The locals have a contractor they can rely on for anything from electrical maintenance to installing EV chargers. We are happy to serve the varied community of North Hollywood. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is located in the city, which is bordered by Universal Studios. It is a desirable spot to live in due to its proximity to Los Angeles and accessibility to the Hollywood Freeway and Golden State Freeway.

Electrical problems, in contrast to other problems like a loose switch or a dead outlet, can have unpleasant and dangerous effects. And until the problems are fixed, you won’t be able to relax. Homeowners and businesses need to be aware of the issues that call for an emergency. With our North Hollywood electrician, RG Electric is available around-the-clock for any electrical issue you may be experiencing. Anytime, day or night, on holidays or weekends, you can get in touch with us. From our current Balboa Blvd. headquarters, North Hollywood can be reached in under 15 minutes. If you are in one of our service regions in the county of Los Angeles, we can assist you.

Home Safety Services

The safety of your home should be prioritized above everything else. Our North Hollywood electrician can install any of the following components for you if you are lacking any electrical safety features:

A certified electrician knows where to install carbon monoxide detectors and how to make sure they are functioning properly. Carbon monoxide is a fatal gas, but timely detection can save your life.

Smoke detectors. Smoke detectors rank among the most essential amenities. We offer electrically hard-wired units, so you never have to worry about batteries and are constantly protected.

Floodlights are effective at frightening potential burglars and even wildlife, while photocells and motion detectors (which turn on outside lights at night) increase dependability.

Whole House Surge Protection – Your home may be at risk from faulty appliances, undetected electrical issues, and lightning; whole house surge protection is the solution to ensuring your home is secure at all times.

Fresh home wiring

We’ll take the time to go through the wiring system you’ll need and assist you in turning your house into a home because we understand that creating a new home necessitates making a lot of decisions. You can rely on our North Hollywood electrician to carefully consider where to put outlets in each space.

It is our duty to offer you the most cutting-edge energy efficiency solutions. For instance, we can create a control system that will help you save money and guarantee the safety of your home while you are away. With choices like LED-based control panels and USB charging connectors, we continuously work to offer lighting switches and outlets that may be customized.

The Installation of Indoor and Outdoor Lighting in North Hollywood

Your accent lighting installation can greatly enhance the interior and outside lighting setup. If you require the installation of chandeliers, ceiling fans, or LED lighting, we’ll send a North Hollywood electrician to your house. Your system can be made more effective by using dimmers and timers. We can do the same outside, lighting up your landscape, driveway, walking paths, and pool. To expand functionality, transformers and motion sensors can be attached.

A Skilled Local Electrician: Express Electrical Services

You may rely on a certified, trained electrician close to your home if you need an upgrade, remodel, or a 24-hour electrician. We cover the entire county of Los Angeles. We are highly regarded and provide excellent installations and repairs at reasonable prices.


Express Electrical Services can locate the source of any problem and provides a variety of repair services.

If you need troubleshooting, we can send a 24-hour emergency electrician, but you may book an appointment for any kind of electrical installation.

You can trust Express Electrical to install the newest electrical technologies for home automation.

Unlike other issues like a loose switch or a dead outlet, electrical issues can have unpleasant and deadly consequences.


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