Discover Westshore Minto: A Coveted Lakeside Community

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In the vibrant heart of Long Branch, an exciting new chapter in townhome living is unfolding. Westshore Minto, an evolution of the successful Minto Longbranch, is setting a new standard for exceptional and affordable living in Toronto. Imagine a place where the city’s hustle and bustle fades away, replaced by the tranquil lapping of Lake Ontario’s waves. This is no mere dream, but a tangible reality at Westshore Minto.

Minto’s Respected Reputation

Minto is not just another name in the real estate industry. With a rich history dating back more than six decades, Minto has a well-established reputation for creating master-planned communities that cater to every lifestyle. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability is evident in every project they undertake. With Westshore Minto, this unyielding dedication to excellence continues.

An Overview of Westshore Minto

Nestled in the much sought-after neighborhood of Long Branch, Westshore Minto offers a diverse range of unit choices, each thoughtfully designed to meet the varying needs of urban dwellers. The community itself is a testament to sophisticated living, combining modern conveniences with a serene lakeside setting.

Secure Your Place

With anticipated strong demand, securing your spot at Westshore Minto is more than a wise decision—it’s a life-changing one. Early registration not only ensures you your place in this coveted community, but it also gets you updates on prices and floor plans.

Experience VIP Access

Why settle for less when you can experience the best? With platinumcondodeals, you get VIP access to Westshore Minto. This means you get priority status—a step ahead of general registrants when it comes to choosing your preferred unit, prices, and floor plans.


Choosing where you live is more than just selecting a house—it’s about choosing a lifestyle, a community, a future. With Westshore Minto, you’re not just buying a property; you’re securing a lifestyle of tranquility and convenience. So why wait? Register now and experience the difference of living in a community that truly understands and caters to your needs.


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