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You may want to think about turning an unused garage or outdoor storage building on your property into a two-bedroom granny flat as a way to make better use of the space. Because Granny Flat Solutions provides a fantastic method to utilise space in a residential property and save on rental fees that a person would otherwise have to pay if he were to move into a place elsewhere, this little house of sorts has become a common fixture in many Australian homes.

This second residence can be made to be either separate or attached to the main house. Many home owners decide to construct it as a separate building so as not to disturb the primary residence, which could necessitate costly renovation costs.

Not only for grandmothers

The term “granny flat” is thought to have originated from the fact that families would use these buildings to create a separate living space for their elderly or disabled parents. This would allow them to retain some level of independence while remaining on the family’s property, where they could receive company, assistance, or any other help they might require.

However, more and more individuals are getting creative with how they utilize their granny flats; some people may use the area as a home office or a place to engage in hobbies like crafting or building items in a workshop. Others renovate the property so they may rent it to those looking for a cheap place to live, either alone or in a couple.

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How do these areas appear?

According to Sydney experts, granny flat designs might differ widely from location to location depending on their intended use. A granny flat must typically be smaller than the primary residence on the site; some minimal specifications include preserving a 450-square-meter minimum for the property and a limit of 60 square metres for the granny flat itself.

One or two bedrooms, one bathroom, an open-concept kitchen, and a living room are common features of some granny flats. Others may have up to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and high ceilings to provide the apartment more room and light than the standard one. For its residents to have a place to enjoy the breeze and sun, a porch in front can also be added.

Due to their lower size, these secondary units can be constructed in as little as eight to twelve weeks. Get in touch with a firm that specializes in creating granny flats if you’re eager to have one built on your home. You may choose from one of their ready-made designs or work closely with them to create a unique design for the unit.

Conclusion: Keep in mind that most granny flats are less spacious than typical dwellings. Therefore, these buildings simply require the most fundamental appliances and furniture. However, these apartments can be altered to your elders’ preferences. It is advisable to use colour choices that are neutral or complement the main house well. Since this house will eventually belong to your parents, you should include them in the planning process.


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