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The Delphi murders are a bizarre crime that has sparked nationwide attention. The bodies were found posed by the killer, who is believed to have been between five and ten feet tall and 180 to 200 pounds. Despite a lack of evidence, investigators have not given up hope that they have caught the suspect. The latest video clip released by the FBI shows the man driving an abandoned car near a former Child Services office.

Evidence Collected From the Crime Scene

After the Delphi Murders, hundreds of officers and volunteers volunteered to help solve the case. However, due to the high level of public interest in the case, the number of investigators involved in the case is decreasing. While the numbers are falling, the FBI and state police have said that they are still actively investigating the killings. Although the cases are considered cold, the evidence collected from the crime scene and DNA are enough to charge a suspect.

The Bodies Posed

The bodies posed by the Delphi killers are often accompanied by a video. The murders happened on August 9, 2012. Libby German’s video shows the suspect walking along a railroad bridge. The video was released on April 22, 2019. The posing of the body was a result of her video, which the killer used to kill the victims. The footage has since been posted online, and authorities believe they have caught the suspect.

Released Additional Materials

On July 17, 2018, the State Police announced a new direction in the case. In April 2019, they released additional materials, including a video of the suspect walking on a railroad bridge. Ultimately, the bodies were posed in order to hide the truth about the crime. The two teenagers were left in an unidentified position, and it was their bodies that were discovered half a mile from the rail bridge.

Cryptic Statements

The Delphi murders took place on February 13, 2017. Liberty German, a fourteen-year-old girl, was killed and the bodies were posed. It was unclear if the bodies were posed by the killer. The family had not yet released any further details. The cryptic statements made by the suspect were also used to make the arrest. The two victims were strangled by the suspect, and they were shot multiple times.

Investigation Continues

The Delphi murders are also a puzzle. While the suspect is not the only suspect, it remains in jail awaiting trial for unrelated charges. The bodies of both women have been posed by different killers. It has been a mystery and is difficult to determine who did it. The only real clue is the DNA of the Delphi killer. Nevertheless, the investigation continues to move forward. The case is far from over.

Arrested In Miami County

The alleged killer had an account on Instagram that was active in 2016 and 2017. The account was linked to the Delphi murders. The Delphi case was investigated by the State Police and the FBI. In February 2019, the Ohio Department of Corrections released a new video recorded the suspect walking on a railroad bridge. The shady suspect was arrested in Miami County. It is still unclear who committed the crimes. The family was able to pose questions and seek answers through social media.

Recorded From a Railroad Bridge

The case has been plagued by many questions, and the bodies of both victims were posed by the killer in the second photo. The first photo shows a man hiding behind a tree. The second photo is of the same victims and also has a blurry figure. The police did not provide much more information on the suspects, but the video recording was released on April 22. The video was recorded from a railroad bridge while the victim was walking.

Further Details about the Identities of the Killers

While the Delphi murders were a random attack, the evidence that was left behind at the scene suggests that the killers did not have a premeditated motive. The photographs also contain DNA and physical evidence of the victims. There are no further details about the identities of the killers. The case is still under investigation, but the infamous slasher has sparked an international scandal. It is unclear if the woman in question was abducted by a cat.


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