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Getting Into the Spirit of Parenthood

Modern culture has a bad way of observing certain things. Watch a Hollywood sitcom, and you’ll think parenthood is the worst thing in the world. But real parents have a different perspective. Most real parents acknowledge that it’s a hard sort of responsibility to take on, but the most rewarding thing in the world.

Think about it critically: being a parent means graduating to a new level of consciousness. No matter what substances or experiences you’ve had, there’s nothing like parenthood. In parenthood, you bring a new life into the world, one that shares half its genetic structure with you. You watch that life develop, and guide it, and as you do, you learn and develop yourself.

It’s worth tapping the brakes and taking time to fully prepare. Just as you graduate from preschool to kindergarten, then first grade, middle school, high school, college, and the job market, parenthood is a “graduation” into the next “sphere” of living. You’re becoming a truly productive component of the community and by extension the world.

So prepare in advance. When the new mother of the house is coming home with your new son or daughter, decorate the baby’s room. Whether you’re a mom prepping for an approaching due date, or a new dad prepping home for your newly-maternal spouse, these tips should be useful to you.

flower decoration

1. A Baby Bedroom Full of Flowers

Just as a flower represents a beautiful celebration of life, a new baby represents the “bud” of a new human “bloom”, if you will. So in a baby’s room, flower decoration is a fine move. Your wife will love it, just be sure you don’t put any arrangements together that could represent a danger to the newborn: don’t hang thorn-thick roses above the crib, or anything like that.

2. Cribs, Wallpaper, Baby Toys, Baby-proofing, Pillows

You’re going to want to be especially sure you baby-proof your newborn’s room. Also, you probably want to get a crib you keep nearby for the first few months. The baby’s room should have friendly, happy wallpaper, and things they can play with. A newborn loves mobile and stuffed animals. Here are some more decoration ideas for the baby’s bedroom.

3. A Welcome Home Banner

In all likelihood, new moms are going to spend at least a day in the hospital, maybe two or three if the pregnancy is complicated. When she comes home with that newborn, she needs to feel like you’ve made an effort. Hanging a huge “welcome home, mom!” banner in the baby’s room isn’t a bad idea—unless, of course, your lady doesn’t like such things.

Welcoming Home Your New Baby, and Your New You
If you’re a dad welcoming home his wife and newborn, you want to prepare in advance when you’re not at the hospital during the birth.

A big happy welcome home banner, decorating the baby’s room for safety and functionality, and a baby bedroom full of flowers represent three fine ways to do that. You and your spouse are headed to a new life. You might as well decorate for it.


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