Cultivate high-quality technical matchmaker, Fujian holds a training class for intermediate technical brokers

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Yu Liluan Yang Yu Science and Technology Daily reporter Xie Kaifei

On December 8, the 2021 Fujian Provincial Intermediate Technical Brokers Training Class was held in Fuzhou. The training class played out the “combined boxing” of “offline centralized teaching + multi-platform linkage online live broadcast + group seminars + case analysis” to accelerate the training of one A high-quality “technical matchmaker” team. It is understood that the purpose of this event is to implement the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government’s “Implementation Plan on Building a More Complete Factor Market Allocation System and Mechanism”, and to effectively play the role of the National Technology Transfer Strait Center as a national technology transfer talent training base. Enhance the province’s technical brokers’ innovative service capabilities, and further improve the effectiveness of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, so as to build a service system that meets the needs of market-oriented deployment of technical elements.

It is reported that this training, in accordance with the requirements of the “National Training Program for the Ability Level of Technical Transfer Professionals”, sets up courses that are highly relevant to practical applications, combines two links of experience sharing and case analysis, and is included in the group of students with basic service capabilities for technology intermediaries. , Provide targeted trainings to improve professional technology transfer service capabilities such as pilot-scale maturation, technology integration, capital and fund operations, high-value patent operations, and technology marketing. Senior experts in the field of technology transfer from Shanghai, Xi’an and the province will also give lectures around the theme of the curriculum.

In this training, the “Party-Enterprise New Horizon-Government-Enterprise Through Train” and the Strait Technology Transfer Little Goose Channel were linked live. “Party-enterprise new time and space·Government-enterprise direct train” is the application of “Internet+” in Fujian Province to build a fast channel for enterprises to directly connect to the party committee and government, and strive to coordinate and solve the needs of non-public enterprise party organizations to report problems, and create a “one-stop” release of favorable enterprise policies platform. This training period coincided with the first rotation of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Through the cooperation of the two parties, they will jointly create a high-level training system of “platform linkage and diversified cooperation”, and further expand the training influence, so as to better serve and integrate into the province’s science and technology New development pattern.



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