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Are you considering purchasing a Moissanite ring and want to know what to look for? You’re with some nice folks. Due to their beauty, affordability, and sustainability, moissanite engagement rings and wedding bands are a popular choice amongst today’s couples. But there are several caveats to doing it correctly. See what to be sure to ask for in your Moissanite in Toronto by reading on!

Are Moissanites Genuine Diamonds?

No, Moissanite is a unique gem. As a result, Moissanite differs from Diamond in terms of how it sparkles, its hardness, and its chemical composition. Practically speaking, Moissanite is made of carbon silicate and is much harder than Diamond (9.25 on the hardness scale compared to Diamond’s 10). (whereas Diamond is pure carbon). This means that your Moissanite will be more resistant to stains and oil than a diamond!

Considering a moissanite custom engagement ring? Here are some things to look for. Before you start searching for the ideal stone, be sure to read the following questions and their answers.

How Can I Determine Whether The Ring Is Of Great Quality?

There are various moissanite grades available, and some are superior to others. You should buy a colorless stone if you want the greatest quality. To achieve maximum fire and brilliance, you should also look for perfect or hardly included moissanite diamonds. If you have anxiety then you can also use spinner rings. Use the guide,  do spinner rings help anxiety for in detail explanation.

What Carats Complement A Moissanite Stone The Best?

The fact that moissanite weighs less than a diamond should also be kept in mind. As a result, carat weight may be unclear to individuals who are only accustomed to diamond carat weight. Diamond equivalent weight, or DEW, is sometimes used to describe Platinum moissanite rings so that people may see how it compares.

Characteristics of a moissanite ring

  • Affordable

A gemstone that is just as beautiful as a diamond but costs much less is called moissanite. Why squander money when you can achieve the same effects for less? Beautiful and much more brilliant than a diamond is moissanite.

  • Equally Hard

With a value of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, moissanite trails only the diamond as the world’s hardest substance, which receives a score of 10. Why, therefore, is this significant? This hardness, then, indicates how well a gemstone will endure through time. It makes sense to choose a stone that is strong and robust for rings because they frequently sustain scratches and dings.

  • Durability and Longevity

The longevity of a moissanite ring is another of its best features. Stones made of moissanite never lose their luster or turn cloudy or dismal with age. It will still be as dazzling years from now as it was the day you got it. It’s the kind of thing you can maintain in your family for a long time and pass down to your offspring.

These rings are also tough. They are resistant to scratches and abrasion. While a diamond is more durable than a moissanite ring, both stones are equally long-lasting.

In fact, they are harder than every other gemstone in existence, coming in second only to a diamond on the Mohs scale.

Select Moissanites

Don’t listen to traditionalists who insist that your engagement ring must contain a diamond. There are many reasons to give your significant other custom engagement rings in Canada, and they are a premium, long-lasting option. You will receive unrivalled brilliance and radiance in the moissanite jewelry available at AGI Design.

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