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Imagine this: you’re an owner of a brand new Tesla Model Y. You’re thrilled with your purchase, but you quickly realize that there’s something missing. You want your Tesla to be a reflection of your unique style, but you’re struggling to find quality aftermarket accessories in the New Zealand market. This is where Autofun steps in.

The Birth of Autofun

Autofun was born out of a genuine passion for Tesla and a desire to help other Tesla enthusiasts express their style. The story begins with one man’s journey to customize his Model Y. He wasn’t just any man, but an avid Bentley SUV driver turned Tesla fanatic.

The moment he got his Model Y, he was eager to decorate, protect, and maintain it. However, he quickly realized the limited options and difficulties in finding quality accessories in the New Zealand market. But being an internet entrepreneur, importer, product manager, and most importantly, a Tesla lover, he didn’t let these challenges stop him. Instead, he became an expert in modifying his Model Y to the best of his liking.

As his Tesla began to stand out, more and more people approached him, requesting for the same accessories. The demand was clear, and thus Autofun was born with the aim of filling this gap and helping every Tesla owner in New Zealand express their unique style.

What Autofun Does

Autofun is dedicated to becoming the ultimate, most professional aftermarket Tesla Accessories supplier in New Zealand. The company brings together a wide range of high-quality Tesla accessories, allowing Tesla owners to create their ideal Tesla lifestyle easily, locally, and quickly.

From protective gear to decorative items, Autofun ensures that each Tesla owner finds anything they need to make their Tesla truly their own. But Autofun is not just about making your Tesla look good on the outside; it’s about enhancing your overall Tesla experience.

The Future with Autofun

Autofun is more than just a Tesla accessories supplier – it’s a community. It’s a place where Tesla enthusiasts can come together, share ideas, and inspire each other to take their Tesla experience to the next level.

As we look towards the future, the possibilities for Tesla and Autofun are endless. With the continuous advancement in technology, we can expect to see more innovative and unique accessories. And as Tesla continues to grow in popularity, so will the demand for unique ways to customize these amazing vehicles.

Autofun is excited to be on this journey with you. Together, we can create a Tesla lifestyle that is uniquely yours.


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