Complaints on Timeshare Freedom Group – Should You Really Consider It? 

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Timeshare Freedom group has been a long runner in the timeshare industry and has many positive reviews, but there are also complaints on Timeshare Freedom about the service. In fact, the Better Business Bureau has issued a consumer alert regarding the company.  

If you’re on the hunt for a legit and reputed timeshare exit company and Timeshare Freedom group is on your shortlist, read on to learn more about the complaints about Timeshare Freedom group.  

Timeshare Freedom lawsuit 

The Timeshare Freedom Group has been involved in numerous lawsuits, many of which have been filed by timeshare companies. For example, in one lawsuit, Diamond Resorts alleges that Jordan Salkin and Michael A. Molfetta split up the upfront fees they received from timeshare holders. The fact that there are so many lawsuits against the Timeshare Freedom Group raises some red flags. 

The Timeshare Freedom Group is a company that claims to provide cancellation services. The company is owned by Jordan Salkin, who has faced multiple criminal charges, including attempted murder. He has also been convicted of domestic abuse. He is currently awaiting a retrial in Orange County, Calif. 

Timeshare Freedom website 

Despite claims to be endorsed by major TV networks and celebrities, Timeshare Freedom has received many online complaints. While the website does have some positive feedback, you’ll find that most people are dissatisfied with the company’s services. Also, their social media accounts are unresponsive and rarely updated. In addition, they receive few likes on their posts. 

The Timeshare Freedom Group is a timeshare cancellation service that claims to provide honest, reliable service. They claim that they handpick their clients carefully and guide them through the process. They also offer a money-back guarantee if a timeshare cancellation doesn’t work out. Unfortunately, the company has repeatedly broken these promises. Many customers have spent months or even thousands of dollars trying to get released from their contracts. In addition, they’ve also experienced a lack of responsiveness from their client managers – leading to heaps of complaints on Timeshare Freedom. 

Money-back guarantee 

Timeshare Freedom Group is a company that advertises on major media outlets. The company promises to cancel your timeshare contract and refund your money in full if they cannot deliver. When people see these advertisements, they assume that these companies are legit and that their money-back guarantee will protect their ownership rights. 

However, the company has been in business for less than three years. They don’t have a stellar reputation with the Better Business Bureau, and some consumers have complained about the company not responding to their complaints. In addition, there are several complaints regarding the company’s money-back guarantee policies. Those who are unsure about the guarantees offered should avoid Timeshare Freedom Group. 

The Timeshare Freedom Group’s website encourages people to contact them for a free consultation. They also have social media accounts, but these accounts do not contain very many posts and are rarely updated. Even when they are updated, they do not receive many likes and followers. 


There are many reviews online about the Timeshare Freedom Group, but most of them are negative. However, there are a few positive reviews as well. Timeshare Freedom Group has 14 employees and 15 locations nationwide. Their website says they have offices in California, but they don’t provide addresses. This makes it hard to determine how long they’ve been in business. They also do not list any of their employees’ LinkedIn profiles. 

Although the Timeshare Freedom Group advertises itself as a legitimate timeshare exit company, some of its former clients have not been satisfied with its service. Many have been denied their money-back guarantee after signing up for a service with the group, and others say they had to pay thousands of dollars to get out of their contracts. 


If you’re considering buying a timeshare, it is important to compare the various companies’ prices before you sign up. The Timeshare Freedom Group claims to be able to negotiate with developers and resorts to get you a lower price. However, many of their methods are similar to the tactics used by timeshare developers. Therefore, you should be cautious about dealing with them. The company also claims to have a four-part process to help you get out of your timeshare. The process includes a consultation over the phone or in person with a representative. During this consultation, a representative will estimate the total cost of owning your timeshare and the costs of canceling it. 

Timeshare Freedom Group has a website that encourages customers to schedule a free consultation with one of their consultants. The website also lists their contact information. In addition to the website, the company also has several social media accounts, but these accounts are rarely updated and show low engagement. For example, the company only has two Twitter followers and 160 followers on Instagram, and its posts receive a small number of likes. 

In short, you need to compare their policies well before committing to their services.

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