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We know that commemorative events without the presence of quality music to liven up the party lose quality and become just a normal meeting, in which people will not feel relaxed anymore, as music allows for more relaxation, relaxation and joy, in addition to integrating the participants of an event and cause more fun.

And for that, DJs are the biggest highlight of events that involve a large number of participants, as well as in private parties and commemorative of special dates. Usually, they are highly sought after to animate events, and some become important celebrities recognized for their qualities and with international prominence.

So, due to the importance of this professional to liven up the parties, we are going to present some tips on how to choose DJs for events in Italy and what precautions should be taken when hiring.

The type of event

It is not logical for everyone, and it is necessary to do a little pedagogy on this.

Choosing DJs according to their skills is not easy. Just as cubic shapes do not fit into triangle shapes, not every DJ is necessarily able to perform your event, and for each event corresponds a specific DJ profile, even if the skill base is identical !

Let’s detail these events to give you a clearer idea:

  • Company event: your DJ must understand the codes of your company and be discreet. Most events of this type being for product presentations, cocktails, inaugurations, the DJ must be there to provide a musical atmosphere and maintain an atmosphere related to your image, your product, your philosophy.

The majority of these events do not necessarily require dancing, so the DJ can be specialized in a style of music (Lounge, Jazz, Deep House, etc.) which could very well do the trick, and if not, prefer a DJ who has club experience.

  • International fairs: One of the most anticipated events in the industry is the Milano Design Week. Talks, events and a wide range of exhibitions are expected to converge in the vibrant atmosphere of the Italian city. It is an event that brings together the best luxury brands in the world in one place to highlight the most exclusive trends in the field of design and lifestyle.
  • Private event (special birthday party): your DJ will be part of the family during your event, will discover you in the intimacy, with your loved ones, and therefore it is essential that you have a good feeling with your DJ. It must be flexible and musically adaptable to please you but also be able to ensure a complete evening by offering your guests a program that can bring together the maximum number of people on the track.
  • Marriage: No! not just anyone can have a wedding and besides it is difficult to find professional ones because many “club” DJs do not wish to do so (weddings benefiting, certainly less than at one time, from a slightly pejorative connotation for a DJ who can see his DJ Club status somewhat tarnished!).The right wedding DJ is clearly the most difficult to find because he must meet many criteria and he must be experienced.
  • Festival: in this case, the DJ must be specialized in a musical field that he masters perfectly, and for which he will not only be competent, but also possibly a real actor on the scene as a producer of this style of music. The festival DJ must have its own musical and cultural identity.

Work with a budget and quotation of values

In order to choose DJs for events, it is necessary to evaluate the values ​​available for such hiring, as well as for the other details that make up the realization of an event.

In order to carry out a safer and correct contracting process and to be able to have a basis for comparison, it is necessary to request, in the quotation made with the DJs , that all the items that will make up the presentation with an indication of the amount to be invoiced are detailed. Thus, it is possible to equalize the proposals and choose the one that best meets the organizer’s expectations.

Assess the DJ’s ability to communicate

A good strategy for choosing DJs for events is to check the versatility of the professional in leading the fun. This type of activity requires communication skills that may be required to make the event livelier. So, it is important to assess the power of communication that the DJ has to ensure that he performs a performance in which everyone is encouraged to participate.

Assess the DJ’s professional background and commitment

When choosing DJs for events, it is necessary to seek references and the experience that the professional has, as this is an activity that requires the skill acquired over time and with the various participations carried out, which can give more support to the guarantee of fun. Also, make sure the DJ has knowledge of special effects and technology features to adopt in their performances.

Book the service in advance

When hiring the DJ for events in Italy, it is important to book it in advance, especially on dates that have a greater demand for participations to be held. So, schedule yourself to make contacts and guarantee, in advance, participation without any risks.


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