Can A Handyman Build a Deck?

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Are you curious about whether a handyman can build a deck or not? With skilled handymen, you can add a new deck at an affordable price and boost the value of your house. Not just does it enhance the worth of your home, but it offers a perfect place for a family get-together. If you are planning to build a deck or a patio, it’s time for you to look for a professional and qualified handyman who has successfully completed such construction service in the past. 

What is the cost of constructing a deck?

If you are planning to construct a deck, expect a cost of $25-$30 per square foot. Generally, homeowners spend 4000 USD to 10,000 USD on a single residential project. Even if this feels pricey, then you can go for a deck made up of basic materials, and it can cost you around 15 USD per square foot. 


When you choose Getz Handyman for your deck construction service, you can rest assured of getting superior quality work. Our handymen have been selected after accessing their skills and knowledge & after scanning their profiles meticulously. In addition, we dont want you to pay fines, rebuild the deck or keep you in danger; hence our handyman constructs the deck according to the code which is permitted in a particular area. It’s just a matter of sitting back, resting, and knowing your home is in capable hands.


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