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Numerous firms are preparing to become public, investors have been buying unlisted shares of pre-IPO companies. While investing in grey market equities carries risk, it can be profitable according to the market analysts. If you have been thinking to buy unlisted shares online, here is a comprehensive guide for you about the market.

What are unlisted shares?

Unlisted shares, also called over-the-counter (OTC) securities, are a type of financial instrument or security that is available for sale in over-the-counter marketplaces. Unlisted firms are not traded in a recognized stock market. It may be because younger or smaller businesses might not be able or want to comply with the standards like market capitalization, listing costs, and others.

Features of unlisted shares

Unlisted shares have their own market where buyers and sellers make transactions with the help of an unlisted shares dealer.

  • Unlisted equities are transferred to your Demat account. You can also check the status of the unlisted shares bought through a depository participant account.
  • The market of unlisted shares is a pure supply and demand game, putting the judgment of the investor to the test. There is no exchange involved in this method, fair price discovery is always under scrutiny. The share price is determined by a mutual agreement between the dealer and the customer.
  • Unlisted market space is for you if you want to see the timely evolution of a firm.

Benefits of investing in unlisted shares

There are multiple benefits of investing in unlisted shares, including the following:

  • High-value investment

As unlisted shares are not liquid, they are often undervalued. You can expect good returns on these investments.

  • High-growth investment

Companies with unlisted shares are often small-scale and have yet to make use of their capital and funds to grow. Thus, buying unlisted shares offers you high returns when the company soars in the future.

  • Peace of mind

When you buy unlisted shares online, the value remains steadier when compared to listed shares. You don’t have to worry about major fluctuations in the prices.

  • Risk diversification

Unlisted shares also offer you risk diversity due to their ‘not liquid’ nature.

Even though there is a certain amount of risk involved in both the listed and unlisted shares, the latter is cheaper and goes through lesser fluctuations in the market. It makes investing in unlisted shares a smart option due to growth opportunities and diversification in risks.

You can buy the shares from a reputed unlisted shares dealer. The other ways in which you can buy unlisted shares are listed below:

  • Buying ESOPs from workers

Some brokers keep you in contact with business workers who sell their shares at a specific price after a particular time.

  • Buying from promoters

To invest in firms, you can contact an investment bank, dealer, broker, or wealth manager who can tell you to calculate the share prices of unlisted companies. In addition to this, they also help you to make contact with the company’s promoters.

Before buying unlisted shares from dealers, make sure that they provide you with the best rates, genuine trades, no hidden charges, quality, and quick delivery service.

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