Brown and White Postal Boxes: Which is Better for Your Packages?  

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Postal boxes are commonly in use for shipping your products to customers. Brands can have them in various colours. However, brown and white colours are frequently used. Both colours have their features and benefits. White postal boxes are effective in terms of branding and product image. On the other hand, brown boxes are more eco-friendly. By having an extra coating on white boxes, the logo and design are easy to print. Such boxes give a premium display to the products and make them look superior.

For retail packaging, white and brown boxes are commonly in use. You have to choose between the two. The choice depends upon the product requirements and budget. For a low budget, brown boxes are good. If your brand’s main goal is to have little effect on the environment, then they are the best choice. But for proper marketing, white boxes are better. White postal boxes give your product numerous benefits in terms of branding. 

Difference between Brown and White Postal Boxes

Brown postal boxes are without any processing or coating. They have plain brown surfaces. On the other hand, white postal boxes have a white colour surface. They are originally in a brown shade. Through the process of bleaching, the brown surface turns white. Making the brown surface white will allow the business to have better branding. You can use various colour designs on it. However, the extra coating of the white boxes makes them less eco-friendly. Despite this, other characteristics make white boxes the preferred choice of brands. Learn why these custom boxes are better for your packages: 

  • Effective Branding 

White postal packages are perfect for representing your identity. The plain surface will make your logo look prominent. So, the best way to advertise your product is with these white boxes. Marketing requirements are different for different products. But choosing a white base for brand identity is the best choice. You may have seen that some symbols help people recognize the brands. Adding your contact information along with the brand name also makes your customer trust you more. By using such packaging, customers will become curious to know everything about you.

  • Elegant Look

The white surface of the custom postal boxes gives your product an elegant look. Customers prefer such packaging that has a simple yet neat appearance. The white boxes make everything look shiny and new, which makes it more fun to open. These packages look cleaner than plain brown boxes with no printing. Even if you don’t use printing, using white is a simple and inexpensive way to make your brand stand out.

  • Dictate Purity and Freshness

White is often linked to cleanliness and freshness. People often associate it with purity. So, using this colour in the case of food items will increase the image of the product. People will imagine it as free of impurities. When selling consumables, products for babies, or medical equipment, these custom printed boxes can make your products seem more valuable. Because of this, brands selling health, beauty, and food products often choose white boxes. Therefore they look cleaner, which makes customers feel better about it.

  • Easy Customization

Personalization and coming up with new ideas are always important in business. These cardboard boxes can be customized in different ways without ruining the white base. For example, you can make them your own by putting different patterns or colours on the top. You can also print a special message for your loved ones. Also, these white boxes can look better by adding a bow tie in red, green, or any dark colour on the exterior. These small but practical steps will help you get your customers’ attention. Moreover, these boxes come in different sizes and shapes. So, you can have them for various products. You can even use die cuts to keep them looking elegant.

  • Easy Printing with White Postal Boxes

The smooth, flat surface of these boxes is perfect for printing. Printing on a white surface helps your brand to highlight in the crowd and become more well-known. It changes an ordinary box into something more interesting, memorable, and useful. Moreover, bold print makes a statement and makes it easier to read. You can add important and call-to-action lines to motivate your customers. Choosing high-quality printing is mandatory, as a white surface will never hide poor ink patterns. Always choose reliable and durable printing techniques like digital printing. This thing will boost the sale of the products. So, these printed postal boxes look eye-catching and draw customers’ attention among various brands. 

White postal boxes catch the eye of your customers. They give them a good impression of your products as white is a colour associated with peace. On the other hand, brown boxes have a casual look. Moreover, the white surface highlights the printed information and makes the logo more attractive. Also, customers like the elegant and simple look that a white box carries. So, putting your product in it instead of a brown one will yield favourable results. 


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