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Institutional and educational sector improvement is critical for the country. As a result, new emergent housing societies are springing up to address the rising issue of a lack of comprehensive educational facilities. The Forces School in Blue World City is one of the most magnificent and visible educational undertakings.

Blue World City asserts that one of its major concerns is the pleasure of both inhabitants and investors. So, if a community wants to win the contentment of its residents, it must give them with all of the necessary basic facilities, one of which is the greatest educational institute. As a result, Blue World City Islamabad established the Forces School to deliver the greatest education possible to its citizens.

The Forces School is built with cutting-edge technology to be a cutting-edge educational institution. So that the citizens of Blue World City can benefit from a contemporary comprehensive educational facility. The school has 112 Kanals of land, and the area will not only cover the school building but will also feature a sports field. Let us learn more about this magnificent artwork in Islamabad.

Blue World City Forces School

The Forces School is one of the greatest educational institutions in Islamabad and the country. The Forces School and College System is mainly managed by a few Pak-Army officials. These officers’ expertise and tireless efforts shape young brains into the greatest officers, allowing the next generation to serve the country with devotion and enthusiasm. The school will give all of the necessary amenities and facilities for an institute. Modern classrooms, dorms, a gymnasium, playgrounds, cafeterias, and other amenities are available.

The forces school was founded to provide world-level education to all, with a focus on teaching analytical skills, morals, competition, and creative thinking in order to nurture future leaders. The faculty of the university is highly competent and foreign-qualified, and it includes prominent educators, scholars, and trainers. Some top military commanders will oversee the Forces School Blue World City Rawalpindi Flagship Campus.

Amenities And Facilities

The school is intended to be an international-level and world-class educational institution, complete with all necessary facilities and services. There is an academic block, an administrative building, examination halls, and outdoor and indoor sporting activities at the institution. The Forces School’s essential amenities and facilities include:

  • Admin Block
  • Girls’ Section
  • Boys’ Section
  • IT & Science Labs
  • Examination Hall
  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria
  • Central Library
  • Boys’ Hostel
  • Girls’ Hostel
  • Staff Hostel
  • Outdoor Sports Facility
  • Indoor Sports Complex

Owners and Developers

Blue Bricks Architects & Consultants created the architecture and design for The Forces School. It is another firm inside the well-known Blue Group of Companies.

BGCs is a real estate company that offers architectural design and building services around the country. By offering high-quality services, the founders and developers have established a solid reputation as a competent and reputable organization. Furthermore, Blue Group of Corporations is one of Pakistan’s top five real estate firms.

The developers are not only real estate professionals, but also forerunners in a variety of disciplines such as development, IT assistance, marketing, printing, and construction. The Forces School will be the buzz of the town due to a shortage of international-grade educational facilities. The school was founded with the exclusive goal of delivering world-level and quality education to everybody, with a focus on the middle-income class.

Other well-known Blue Group of Companies initiatives include:

  • Blue Town Sapphire
  • Blue World Trade Center
  • Waterfront District
  • Center Park Lahore
  • Blue Mart & Technologies

Pakistan Educational Future

Colleges and schools such as The Forces School Blue World City are required in this country in order to boost the educational sector. Pakistan lacks basic educational facilities, and illiteracy is widespread due to a lack of basic educational rights. As a result, at this moment, such institutions will aid in the improvement of the country’s educational position.


New housing societies, such as Blue World City Chakri Road Rawalpindi, are relentlessly contributing to educational programmes such as The Forces School, which will deliver the greatest education at the lowest cost. Education standards and quality have been rising across the country, assisting in the development of the most gifted brains. For more information, go to Sapphire Properties, a real estate firm that offers different investment alternatives with great returns.


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