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Have you ever felt the allure of a long drive in an exotic sports car with an open top roof on busy yet wide roads? If you have not already done so, now is the time because Dubai is a beautiful state that is ideal for sports cars. You can feel the warm breeze on your skin while taking in the sights. You can stop over anywhere along the way. Take some rest and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the scenery before continuing on journey in your rental car.

Hiring a car in Dubai is always a treat for car lovers. Either you want to hire a car for long term or short period of time. You can enjoy both ways in a reasonable price. Many people prefer to choose sports car rental in Dubai especially for events, meeting or just to fulfill their fantasy to sit in front of exotic car steering wheel.

For family trip sports car is not enough to provide space that is a demand of a family. Although the love and craze for sports car is unbeatable but need and requirement are the first priority of many. Let us learn about the best way to hire a sports car for a day in Dubai.

Best Way to Hire the Sports car for a day in Dubai:

First you need to make it confirm that you are eligible on the criteria of hiring an exotic car in Dubai which is are as follows:

Requirements for sports car hiring in UAE:

1.      Age:

You must be at least 21+ to be able to drive a car in Dubai, but for exotic super fast car the criteria are bit different. You must be at least 25+ to be able to hire a car of your dream.

Note: many companies may charge aa little more and give you car on rental basis If you at least 21+. But make sure your driving skills should at top-level.

2.      Driving license:

There is no doubt about the fact that having your valid and active driving license is a must. So, you should be confident to have your license which is authentic.
However, if you are traveler in Dubai and your nationality or international license is from any of the countries which are approved for driving in Dubai then it is a sign that you are good to go for your rentals sports car.

3.      Security Deposit:

A security deposit that must be paid at the time of the contract and can be expensive for those who want to rent a sports car should be kept in mind. Even if you want to rent sports car for a day. You must put down a security deposit of between AED 5,000 and AED 25,000 to rent a sports car (It depends upon car’s model, condition, and company’s policy). For the duration of the rental, the deposit is held on your credit card and released when you return the car. Paying the security deposit is crucial because, in most cases, fines start to show up after 20 days.

Required documents:

You need to have your ID card and visa or passport to get a sports car on rental basis.

Read out the agreement:

Understand the importance of carefully reading an agreement before signing it. Given that it involves pricey automobiles, the terms and conditions must be strictly adhered to. If you sign it without carefully reading it, there is a good chance that you will find yourself in serious trouble if the car suffers damage or has other problems.

List of sports cars which is commonly work best to rent sports car for a day:

There are tons of options only in sports car category. But here I am listing the most commonly hired cars which is great value for money.

  1. Ferrari F8 Tributo Spyder
  2. Lamborghini Huracan Evo and Evo Spyder
  3. 911 Carrera S cabriolet
  4. Rolls Royce Dawn
  5. Audi R8 Spyder


Never before has renting a luxury car for the day been so simple or affordable!
Whether you’re considering renting a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, or something more subdued like a Range Rover? We can deliver these cars to you, allowing you to take these unforgettable memories with you to the afterlife while also taking advantage of this magical experience for 24 hours.


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