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If you’re looking for a powerful oscillating tool that can handle a variety of tasks, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll review some of the best oscillating tools on the market today, and help you decide which one is perfect for your needs. With YoutubeStorm by your side, you’ll be able to increase your video viewership and grow your channel rapidly. We’ll also provide you with some tips on how to choose the right oscillating tool for the job, and some advice on how to use it properly. So whether you’re a contractor, tradesman, or home DIYer, read on to find out all you need to know about oscillating tools!

Are you a professional handymen, DIYer, contractor or carpenter? Then you do know the importance of tools in your work and went through enough hassle managing different tools to complete one single work.

If you already checked for a convenient solution, then you should hear about the oscillating tool. But what is an oscillating tool? This is a compact machinery, providing a wide array of DIY ploys, discarding the requirement of independent tools for each task. This is also widely known as an oscillating multi-tool (OMT) on the job site.

Despite being a comparatively new addition to the business, yet it managed to gain popularity among smart professionals. It comes with a firm power suit that impels your crafting quality to a great extent. With thousands of vibrations – it cuts, sands, slices, scraps, polish materials like no other.

But what is the best oscillating tool to become your default aid at the workplace? Where and how to begin with? Don’t worry, we figured it out and got it covered for you.

Through an independent choosing, we enlisted 10 of the best oscillating tools for reviewing with latest updates. Before getting down to the details, let’s have a quick glance at the comparison table.

Best Oscillating Tool – Comparison Table




Motor Power (Amp)


DEWALT DCS355D1 Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit




PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit




Makita XMT03Z Cordless Multi-Tool




DEWALT DWE315K Corded Oscillating Tool Kit




Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool




Rockwell RK5151K Oscillating Multi-Tool




Bosch Power Tools Oscillating Saw – StarlockPlus Oscillating MultiTool Kit




Ryobi P340 One+ Cordless Multi Tool


2.5, 4, 5


BLACK+DECKER BD200MTB Oscillating Multi-Tool




Dremel MM40-05 Oscillating Tool Kit




Following a quick view on the product comparison above, let’s get down to the review section. Here we broke down all our choices to the attenuating details for swift & proper perception as an individual tool.

Scroll down to make out the review on 10 best oscillating tools in the market and grab your perfect gear within your financial reach.

DEWALT DCS355D1 Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

This is one of the most cordless oscillating devices in the current market with a pack of useful accessories. In fact, the whole unit is rich with top-line features to tackle certain jobs. Providing high-quality performance, this could be the best cordless oscillating tool to deal with your scraping job.

DEWALT DCS355D1 is able to create a maximum of 20000 oscillation per minute. This heavy oscillation reduces the vibrating effect and therefore, encourages great precision. The oscillating angle is about 1.6° which enables you to get the job done.

Being a cordless one, the multi-purpose kit holds a powerful 20V MAX XR Li-ion battery (2 Ah) inside. The battery delivers 2 Amps power within 1 hour.

Perhaps, the best part is its quick charging which makes the kit ready for work in 20 minutes only.

Featuring a brush-less motor, you will get 57% further running than brushed ones. The motor ensures reduced friction & heat production all along.

With less number of functional parts, the motor is a blessing in every aspect. This helps to encourage the quality, performance & lifespan.

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The system of accessory changing is pretty fast with a spring-powered lever. The spring has an enormous capacity to hold all the parts in the designed place when in motion. No wrench is necessary and no loose pins to worry, making the change very facile.

To get the blades properly attached to the scraper, this oscillating tool comes with Universal Accessory Adapter. It allows the attachment of different blade types regarding a quick accessory changing. All you need is a hex wrench to attach the blade and it should serve perfectly.

With a dual-grip trigger for variable speed, you can control DEWALT DCS355D1 oscillation number. Depending on the applied pressure, you can speed up or slow down the oscillation easily. Apart from that, the lock-trigger mechanism prevents accidental self-start &gets lockedat maximum speed.

Including a tool guide system, you can set the cutting depth or height. A wheel at the guide end helps to create uniform cutting in non-adjacent areas. And to induce maximum vision, there is one LED light at the front, eliminating the necessity to carry flashlights.

More Details: DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Oscillating Multi Tool

What We Liked

Rechargeable & interchangeable battery with high portability.

Extra longevity through less production of friction & heat.

Complete control over the cutting height/depth adjustment.

Lockable speed trigger ensures speed control & working safety.

Pretty quick replacement of the accessories &blade angle.

Contractor bag is available for easy carriage & safe storage.

What Needs Improvement

The operating noise is a bit high.

Tool guide gets in the way, if not detached early.

Belt clip is not available with the package.

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit​​

When it comes to fulfilling your needs satisfactorily, this one remains at the forefront among others. The machine itself is suitable for both occasional home application and daily professional work. It features the highest quality and delivers perfection for cutting, sawing & scraping tasks.

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The package includes 52 versatile accessories which are enough to meet your job requirements at once. In fact, the multi-purpose kit is just what you’d require to complete different types of project.

Being a corded instrument, you will receive a 10’ long electric cord to use. This is enough to get safe access to the nearby source easily. Though 10’ is not the longest one, it will give you three-position oversold.

Porter-Cable PCE605K52 is a redesigned & modified model which offers different mold positions. In fact, you can work over the front, middle and even back, thanks to the re-designation. It eases the effort increasing the comfort for the worker while operating.

Featuring a very powerful 3-Amps motor, it comes with superior oscillating speed. Not to mention, 2.8° of oscillating angle accompanies the speed which is a bit high. Meanwhile, the powerful motor reduces vibration while operating. Though it results in a slower cutting but helps to complete your job fast enough with optimum accuracy.

When it comes to blade change, you won’t have to worry about troublesome positioning or adjustment. Through the advanced blade changing technique – re positioning, changing or replacement of the blade becomes easy.

Speaking of the speed, the oscillation number ranges from 10000 to 22000 per minute. The variable dial gauge of Porter-Cable PCE605K52 provides complete control over the speed. With six individual settings, you can certainly optimize the performance for any specific project.

Without any bolts or wrenches, you can make quick replacements & changes in minutes. The backside handle is covered with rubber and eases the fatigue over prolonged carriage or hold.

There is a guiding system installed for depth adjustment and precision cutting. It gives you further control over the quality as well as the accuracy of the output.

The toolkit does its job well enough meeting the professional standards. The machine has an impressive construction with consistent performance. Whether it is sanding or cutting, you will get the highest service using this best oscillating tool for the money.

More Details: PORTER CABLE PCE605K52 3 Amp Oscillating Multi Tool

What We Liked

Excellent construction imparts great durability.

Variable speed settings for the oscillating motor.

Adjustment of cutting depth with the rolling guide.

Extremely ergonomic with 52 accessories.

Quick change & positioning of blade using clamp system.

Precise output through a higher oscillating angle.

What Needs Improvement

Exterior surface gets heated over prolonged cutting.

Depth gauge often comes loose while operating.

Storage box has considerably poor building quality.

Makita XMT03Z Cordless Multi-Tool​

An oscillating multi-tool like this comes with superior quality and satisfactory performance altogether. This unit is engineered to contain additional features with the useful ones. This is what you need to cut, sand, removal of grout or scrap with optimum accuracy.

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Having a bulky shape and large size, it is easier to operate on open spaces comfortably with this best oscillating tool. The motor is comparatively quiet regarding the prolonged application and doesn’t get you annoyed.

With the cordless construction, no more dragging of electrical cords behind. This is one of the largest operated devices that run on battery. It features a high power 18V LXT Li-ion battery with faster charging.

With the 3 Ah battery, you will get to spend more time working than waitingon the charger. The battery can continue for 20 minutes on a full charge which eventually turns the indicator light when gets low.

Makita XMT03Z can deliver a greater range of oscillating number than most other units. You can operate at a range from 6000 to 20000 OPM with the built-in speed control. The dial gauge comes with six settings, allowing you to get the right oscillation.

There is a ‘Soft Start’ feature which offers a gentle start-up at the beginning. With the control dial, it ensures an efficient speeding and helps you with better control. Therefore, the equipment excels in this aspect.

Though it is one of the largest battery-powered devices, it comes with a reasonable weight. Weighing about 4.9 pounds, the apparatus is not very difficult to carry and handle as it should be.

You can make the operation more precise through its large oscillation angle of 3.2°. It encourages more aggressive and faster cutting maintaining a straight line. Despite the higher angle slower the operation a bit, it helps with the sanding from different angles.

Regarding blade change or replacement, you won’t need additional equipment. Without tools, it becomes an easy and instantaneous changing that saves a lot of time. But unscrewing any bolt or pulling a lever has a specified process to follow, which takes a bit more time than usual.

Although handling this large and heavy machine may seem a problem, but overall it has good quality. This is one toolkit you can choose as an enticing option for your carpentry job.

More Details: Makita XMT03Z 18V LXT Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

What We Liked

Good control over start-up & operating vibration.

Well-balanced weight induces comfortable handling.

Convenient oscillating speed with a powerful motor.

Full control over output through six-speed settings.

Rubberized top cover eases gripping & carriage.

Constant work ability through high battery power.

What Needs Improvement

Not very suitable for working in tight spaces.

High operating sound regarding light work.

Battery life seems poor for prolonged operation.

DEWALT DWE315K Corded Oscillating Tool Kit

Whether it is professional DIY, occasional home improvement or hobby nurturing, this kit can be a great investment. Providing a niche performance for cutting & sanding, it actually depicts the DEWALT brand just right. Quality workmanship makes this best corded oscillating tool a favourite choice of many users.

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Through a solid construction, DEWALT DWE315K keeps your output accurate – despite all the operating vibration. Easy control with comfortable handling is a guarantee when you use both hands while operating.

It contains a powerful 3 Amps motor which is indeed one the best in its class. In fact, you will get a maximum oscillating number of 22000 per minute. The integrated motor provides a steady stream of oscillating torque. Working almost stink-to-breeze, it can handle extreme sanding or cutting work just fine.

Through linear speed, predictable control over the OPM becomes possible. It optimizes the longevity in trenches, generating great operating power. This makes the device highly suitable to deal with wood, plastic, rug, and other household materials.

The package has 29 pieces of carpentry accessories to help you complete the task perfectly. It comes with popular attachments regarding sanding or cutting.

QUICK-CHANGE™ is a trademark of DEWALT and helps you with the changing of blades quickly. The clamping system requires only hand pressure without any wrench to make the replacement and positioning.

The design includes a dual-grip system for the built-in speed trigger. It helps with controlling the oscillation as per your project with further efficiency.

Using the included adapter, you can go for different blades from other brands. It saves the trouble of searching exact matching blades to do your work. Thus, DEWALT DWE315K gives you the freedom of installing endless options. The adapter helps to skip any troublesome slippage while installing similar blades.

You are unlikely to get the wrong stick ends, thanks to the guiding system. Further, it helps to avoid random bulldozing or irregular cutting. The oscillating guide offers full customization of cutting height & depth with maximized accuracy. With adjusted height/depth, it provides an engraved trimming with uniformity.

A bright LED light installed on the equipment front helps to maintain the accuracy in a dark/tight place. If you can settle with the cords, it has certainly the best value in terms of versatility & convenience.

More Details: Dewalt DWE315K Oscillating Tool Kit

What We Liked

No-tool change & positioning with clamping system.

Marking guidance offers optimum cutting precision.

Universal fitting for blade change & adjustment.

Lockable trigger comes with variable speed settings.

Power traits & versatility through a powerful motor.

Front LED lighting to operate on dark or tight space.

What Needs Improvement

Considerable noise & vibration takes place.

Prolonged use causes the surface to get heated.

Restricted selection of blade for the interface.

Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

A good toolkit is obviously necessary for carrying out DIY projects or home renovation tasks in a perfect manner. This unit has it all covered with unique & useful features. Just grab this best oscillating tool to turn your project expectation into reality.

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Genesis GMT15A has been at the forefront of customer choice since the beginning, thanks to its lower price tag. The corded tool is featured with a 6.5’ long cord, allowing suitable access to the nearest power source.

The substantial gear housing of the device is made with quality aluminium. The die-cast covering protects the interior part from getting overheated on a longer DIY session. Through the 4-pin flange system, you will get all the detachable parts fixed.

Through a sturdy construction, it offers superior durability. The entire machine has superb strength to resist daily rigors. Meanwhile, the lightweight body is easy to carry and gives no trouble over holding. This versatile apparatus weighs about 2.8 pounds only, which seems a good deal to reach & operate on tight places.

With an integrated motor, rated at 120 V & 1.5 Amp, you will have an outstanding oscillation. In fact, it has the capacity to generate 21000 oscillations per minute specifically at once. This torque is enough for a successful accomplishment of small projects.

Being powerful enough, Genesis GMT15A is highly suitable for effective output. It perfectly serves you to make cut, grind, sand & scrap for different types of materials.

There are several interchangeable accessories in the whole package. This will certainly help to work on different projects, qualifying as a convenient multi-functional kit. There are blades, wrench, pad and paper included in the storage box.

You will find three blades to work with – scraper blade, saw blade & flush cut blade. Using these, you can easily shape the product for exact cutting and grinding. The flush blade offers precise cutting around sharp and confined edges. And the saw blade serves to cut wood, drywall, and plastic properly.

Including sandpaper, sanding pad and Allen wrench, accessorial adjustment and change become incredibly easy. All these help to have a smooth grouting operation.

Although it may not suit for heavy works, you will have optimum satisfaction for smaller jobs. It comes with the features of high-end tool kits at a budget-friendly price.

More Details: Genesis GMT15A Multi Purpose Oscillating Tool

What We Liked

Easy to handle & operate, even in tight places.

Suitable flange design comes without stacking problem.

Lightweight body imparts greater portability.

Optimum safety for the parts through aluminium.

Effective shaping of materials with 30mm flush blade.

Precise cutting with a sufficiently powerful motor.

What Needs Improvement

Replacement of the blades is rare to find.

Device stops working over prolonged or frequent use.

Heavy noise takes place while operating.

Rockwell RK5151K Oscillating Multi-Tool

The addition of an innovative feature with the conventional mechanism results in complete uniqueness right here. This versatile kit is also widely preferred as F80. With this outstanding construction, you are likely to find the one and only multi-tool with Duo-Tech.

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Unlike others with a fixed angle, Rockwell incorporated a variable angle choice to this model. Offering you to make a choice between two oscillating angles, Rockwell RK5151K is the first one of the category.

Therefore, you will get to choose either 3.4° or 5° regarding your necessity. For a steady or continuous result, you will need the first one. Meanwhile, the latter will provide a faster oscillating performance. This latest innovation helps to switch to a different angle of oscillation to make your work more convenient and precise.

Featuring a robust 4.2 Amps oscillation motor, you will receive consistent speed, even under heavy loads. No doubt, F80 is indeed one powerful machine with such motor and can deliver high oscillation number. Not to mention, the device can take up to 35 pounds of cutting load, one of the highest in the business.

For a precise control & superior maneuverability, there is one variable dial gauge at the backside. It allows you to create smooth change in oscillation according to the material and prohibits accidental adjustment.

Having the Universal Fit for this F80, you can use different types of blades easily. Whichever accessory or blade you want to use, the system allows the installation. You just don’t have to check out for blade or accessory compatibility anymore.

The installed clamping system comes with Hyperlock mechanism. Without requiring any tool, you will have a time-saving replacement & change of accessories/blade. The locking system keeps the accessories & the blade fixed in position. The entire mechanism comes with a secured facility to prevent any detachment or loosening.

You will have a front LED light right before the Duo-Tech switch with the 10’ corded Rockwell RK5151K. This enables you to reach and operate dark places with ease& comfort.

Quality service teamed with exceptional power for this best oscillating for grout removal. The performance is just what you need to have a precise and nice project completion.

More Details: Rockwell RK5151k sonicrafter F80 oscillating Multi Tool

What We Liked

Ideal oscillation through the Duo-Tech angle choice.

Multi-purpose functionality with 10-accessory inclusion.

Powerful motor provides a higher stalling capacity.

Quick changing & secure locking with the clamping system.

Illumination of the target area using LED front light.

Maximized working accuracy through precision control.

What Needs Improvement

Not very suitable for prolonged professional work.

Limited operational facility with fewer accessories.

Locking different blade type may take some time.

Bosch Power Tools Oscillating Saw – StarlockPlus Oscillating MultiTool Kit

Providing 3D tool accessory Interface, this unit sets a new standard for professional multi-tool kits. With next-generation construction technique, you will certainly have the best oscillating performance at the workplace.

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The 3D interface contains a big leap over the mounting system along with breakable pins. It allows creating a larger contact surface with maximized oscillation transfer. In this case, about 100% transfer takes place which eventually leads to the betterment of accessory stabilization.

Through a compact profile, you can handle the device more comfortably. Thanks to the longer shape, you can conveniently reach and dig on confined places.

And to ease the difficulties even more, you will get an oscillation angle of 3°, ensuring optimum utilization. With this much angle, you can achieve a leap quantum for any project work using Bosch StarlockPlus.

The gear housing is of reinforced metal which induces a rather rugged construction. Therefore, you will get a durable tool to deal with your project task. In addition, the material sturdiness induces a reduction in the operating vibration.

Lightweight construction accompanies the robust body which eases handling, operating & carriage. The power cord measures about 13’ in length which is indeed longer than most other models.

Integrating a high-quality EC motor, the device produces superb oscillating torque. Being brushless, the motor provides better efficiency for the entire system, encouraging higher life. The 4 Amps motor comes with micro-precise level accuracy, preventing excess vibration or torque ripple.

With high power, Bosch StarlockPlus can hit the target with a maximum oscillation number of 20000 per minute. But to get a faster-paced process and finer cuts for different tasks, you can use the variable speed. With consistent speed & accessible power, the dial helps to use a range of 8000 to 20000 oscillation per minute.

Featuring ‘Soft Start’, you will feel less vibration on high torque start-up. The swiveling power cord makes the tool movement flexible and safe. Again, it comes without any front mar pad and therefore, no scratching on the surface.

There comes a built-in LED light at the front which immediately activates after the start-up. It provides better vision on the targeted area, allowing you to make precise processing, even on dark corners.

Overall combination for this best oscillating tool ensures great quality, performance, and consistency. With a ton of power, this unit has everything to meet your satisfaction.

More Details: Bosch GOP40-30C StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi Tool

What We Liked

Extreme versatility suits heavy & professional tasks.

Optimum utilization of stabled accessories with 3D interface.

Secured snapping system for easy accessory release.

Unique circuitry maintains speed consistency all along.

‘Soft Start’ reduces high torque vibration on start-up.

Material matching oscillation through six dials settings.

What Needs Improvement

Least compatibility for different blade types.

The package includes fewer accessories.

Bright light on open space can cause difficulty.

Ryobi P340 One+ Cordless Multi Tool

This multi-functional tool is one all-piece machinery set to help you with home renovation or DIY projects. In this case, it is more like a quick and easy decision buy. Combining technical specifications with key features, this best rated oscillating tool is obviously a professional and practical choice.

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As a cordless multi-tool, Ryobi P340 is fully battery powered. The 18V Li-ion battery provides sufficient power on a full charge to get your job done.

The equipment measures 10” x 7” x 5” which imparts a rather slim profile. Sturdy material construction induces superior durability. Therefore, you can operate on tight corners or edges with maximum efficiency.

Despite high-quality material construction, the machine is conveniently light with a weight of about 2.15 pounds only. This is why you won’t have to face any trouble regarding its handling, operation or carriage.

Being rich with multi-tool attachments, this one is able to serve more than your expectation. The attachments allow you to use the kit for different types of renovation or carpentry tasks. Of course, you can attain better precision for the output using the attachments accordingly.

Through the multi-tool accessory adapter, it comes with variable cutting or sanding options. The universal adapter offers incredible compatibility to numerous blades and accessories.You can place the preferred blade in Ryobi P340 to get the task completed at once.

The circular saw blade cuts through different materials like metal, plastic, wood and even drywall perfectly. The sand pad with 5 sandpaper pieces delivers maximum efficiency in the sanding process.

Including an Allen wrench, you are likely to counter almost no difficulty while making any change. In fact, you just require to unscrew the bolt and pull the lever using the wrench. Whether it is accessorial part or the blade itself, the replacement or change saves your effort.

The entire combination of attachments enables a powerful cutting for the target. It simply leaves a smooth edge with utmost quality on the track.

With the special design for the grip, the skin contact remains at its best. It allows an easy and comfortable grip, even in a sweaty or slippery condition. Through maximum contact, you will have further control over the operation all along.

Higher functionality results in greater innovation & superior output for this machinery. Overall, this is undeniably a handy kit that excels all-trade jacks.

What We Liked

Adjustable heads ensure precise cutting & sanding.

Slim construction allows for easy handling & operation.

Quick change & replacements of detachable parts.

Magnetized holder keeps the screws fixed in position.

Compatibility with a specific array of Li-ion batteries.

Universal adapter induces good blade compatibility.

What Needs Improvement

Distance covered by single rotation is small.

No on/off switch to trigger the start-up.

The package doesn’t include the battery.

BLACK & DECKER BD200MTB Oscillating Multi-Tool

Being the most versatile multi-tool for domestic purposes, it provides a perfect result for home improvement or renovation tasks. Having great features in one piece, it has the ability to outrun many high-end oscillators.

With a convenient measurement of 12” x 4”x 5”, the construction comes with a slim profile. Obviously, this helps a lot to reach the furthest and tightest corner of the house. In addition, you can operate just comfortably as you can do in open space.

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You will get to carry a weight of about 4.5 pounds, despite it’s robust and sturdy construction. It may seem heavy at the beginning but won’t give much trouble with the carriage or holding.

Featuring a 2.5 Amps integrated motor, you can deal with challenging home repair jobs. Regarding domestic use, BLACK+DECKER BD200MTB is one of the most powerful. The electric-powered oscillator has a cord length of 6’ which requires a close power outlet.

The motor can provide a variable oscillation number ranging from 10000 to 20000 per minute. Also, the featured dial gauge comes with six different settings to set the speed.

Like the best ones, it contains universal fitting to allow different types of oscillating actions. You can pick the perfect blade of any reputed brand and it will certainly fit the device with maximum compatibility.

When it comes to blade compatibility, the obvious concern lies with the change & replacement. And you are not to worry, thanks to the tool-free change & positioning system. Through the quick releasing lever, you are not going to need any wrench or key. It saves your valuable working time and eases your effort.

Through the soft yet durable grip, your requirement of rest break will certainly reduce. Thus, you will receive comfortable handling, enhancing better control with this best oscillating tool.

BLACK & DECKER BD200MTB package includes one scraper blade, one wooden/metal blade with one sand base and 12 sandpapers. Not to mention, the blades concerns with cutting materials whereas the base & sheets deal with the sanding process.

Power, convenience, versatility & accuracy – all gets credited in a single piece here. Although the use is limited to household DIY and carpentry, you will get the perfect refurbishment for sure.

More Details: Black and Decker BD200MTB 2.5-Amp Oscillating Multi Tool

What We Liked

Solid construction & finishing imparts durability.

Universal adapter induces great compatibility for blades.

Safe & quick change or replacement of blades.

Large oscillation angle of 2.8° maximizes precision.

Powerful oscillating motor for any household job.

Better control through soft grip & variable speed dial.

What Needs Improvement

Insufficient cord length to reach a distant source.

Greater time requirement for the sanding process.

Creation of loud, annoying noise while cutting.

Dremel MM40-05 Oscillating Tool Kit

Comprising all the top-line features, this kit provides the best solution to your highly required functional demands. Innovative design with quality construction meets here to ensure a professional performance. And the unique Quick-Lock system enhances the versatility all along.

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For a device compatible with variable blades or accessories, the change or replacement needs to be fast. Every reputed brand developed its own mechanism to accomplish this. With this unit, you are likely to experience something different.

The Quick-Lock system requires a simple turning of the lever to make the change. It is indeed the easiest technique to replace the blade or accessory at once. You can make the safest and quickest change than any other models of its kind.

Regarding the power, Dremel MM40-05 provides one of the best performances. It features a 3.8 Amps motor which is quite powerful to do different project works with accuracy. You can go for the toughest application through the variable speed. Not to mention, the motor can deliver an oscillation rate of 10000 – 210000 per minute.

The speed adjustment is like the others. You will have a variable dial gauge to adjust the oscillation number. The dial comes with six different settings which help you to accomplish different types of carpentry tasks.

Coming to the angle, the machine allows oscillation of 3.2°. It is sufficiently large and therefore, allows you to attain better precision at the workplace.

Through the Quick Boost feature, you will receive a consistent speed all the way. Cutting a thick metal easily slows down, even stops in some cases with gradual reduction of speed. Thanks to the advanced technique, the speed automatically boosts when the thickness tends to slow the speed.

Featuring different switches for turning on and off the machine, you can save the last speed setting. The switches are at the up-front of Dremel MM40-05, allowing you to go for one-handed use.

Using the Quick Hold technique for the magnetized flange, no loosing of screws or bolts will ever take place. It holds the detachable accessories in its intended place. Also, the flange saves a great deal of work while making the accessorial change.

It is an outstanding piece for both professionals and individuals willing to do the task themselves. As a corded oscillator, it fulfills the user demand through high-quality & optimum performance.

More Details : Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max 3.8-Amp Oscillating Tool

What We Liked

Higher oscillation number with a powerful motor.

Consistent speed along with six adjustment settings.

Greater durability through quality construction.

Total of 36 accessories for a wide variety of DIY tasks.

Easy & fast-changing of accessories without any tool.

Isolated on/off switch for one-handed operation.

What Needs Improvement

The sliding switch requires a harder push.

No LED light is available for further illumination.

Only Dremel blade is recommended for use.

Oscillating Tool Buying Guide

Ever thought whether you’ve got all the necessary tools with the kit for your work? Or does the kit come with everything in a perfect manner, being the right choice?

Circumstance tends to differ from person to person, so hard and fast guidance is not going to work.All the oscillating tools share more or less the exact fundamental mechanism.

Therefore, they bear considerable similarity in performance from a technical perspective.

This gives rise to the question, which one should you pick that can fulfill your requirements well? Obviously, the answer is sophisticated.

But helping you to get the best oscillating tool, the vital factors regarding the purchase is discussed below.

Power Source

It can be either electric–powered (corded) or battery-powered (cordless). Recently, cordless ones became preferable for its convenience and versatility.

Though some of the cordless ones are only suitable for lightweight works, the latest ones have greater acceptance in the professional field.

The corded ones are the best for heavy working and electricity is a must to run these devices. You should go through the difference between these two on the section below to choose your gear.

Construction & Portability

Sturdy construction provides durability & strength. In fact, it protects the interior and delivers a stable grip for the user to attain maximum accuracy. But, the weight should be reasonably light for comfortable handling & carriage.

With lightweight ones, you can enjoy superior portability for sure. Also, cordless ones come with better portability over the corded one with limited access.

Oscillation Speed

Greater oscillation speed means further work ability. Oscillation per Minute (OPM) is the unit for speed measurement. The OPM generally functions within a particular range in most cases.

Variable speed is indeed important in this aspect which allows you to work over different types of materials.

Depending on the work value & material type, you can set the speed to go fast or slow. Though the range does vary, the standard range varies between 8000 – 20000 OPM.

Oscillation Angle

Another significant factor worth checking is the angle of oscillation. The angle depicts the distance covered by the accessory from side to side (both side) or from side to the centre (each side).

With a higher angle, more aggressive oscillation takes place and slows down the action. But an increase in angle encourages the accuracy of the work.

Flexibility & Suitability

At a time, oscillators served only cutting and sanding purpose. But using advanced technology, the multi-tasking kit is expected to extend its service area. If you want to accomplish other than just cutting or sanding, you have to go for a flexible package.

Again, it is indeed necessary to check out the suitability, mainly for professional & heavy work. Regarding heavy jobs, you have to choose something relevant with greater power & efficiency over prolonged application.

Vibration & Noise Level

Loud noise easily drives you crazy after a while whereas high vibration causes handling problem. Both have an adverse effect on the quality of the output and therefore, reduces the performance.

Unless possible, try to get a machine with the least noise generation while working.

‘Soft Start’ feature for on/off switch reduces vibration to some extent at the beginning. Check out the internal efficiency of the motor (friction, heat) which is likely to help you in this context.

Blade & Accessories

There are detachable parts included in a multi-tool like blades & accessories. Don’t get yourself confined within one or some specific DIY tasks through fixed blade/accessory.

You should try to get something featured with Universal Fit Adapter. It will allow you to use different types of blades, even from other brands to put into action.

These are the basic ones to consider while buying. Apart from that, you can look for additional features which induce some extra benefits like the locking system, tool-free change, a greater number of accessories, etc.

We took it you have the knowledge to pick the perfect gear right now to enjoy an excellent DIY or carpentry task.

What Is An Oscillating Tool Used For?

With the oscillating tool in hand, you don’t need to rush to shops for collecting different accessories. It is indeed the best all-in-one solution for professional DIY projects you can ask for. Regarding the purchase, let’s take a quick look at some well-known applications of this versatile creation.

Cutting Drywall: You can install electric boxes or make an opening with this tool. Using metal/wood cutting blade, make a straight plunge cut into the wall to create the opening.

Sanding Wood: Multi-tool with sandpaper & sand base is a very popular mean of wood sanding. You will get surface smoothing, finishing & filling perfectly.

Removing Grout: Through special carbide-grit blade, it can remove old grouts within seconds. The blade offers a rapid swaying movement to take out even the most stubborn grout.

Trimming Door Cover: Trimming the door jambs and bottom of door casing is necessary during the first installation. Just attach the flush-cutting blade to the multi-tool and simply go through the floor to shape it right.

Cutting Plumbing Pipe: This is perfect when you have a plumbing task to perform on sink back or cabinet bottom. A sleek profile with oscillation angle helps you reach the tightest place to take care.

Cleaning Old Caulk: Removal of old caulks for bathroom or kitchen carpentry becomes the easiest. Grab the tool and attach the metal scraping blade. Operate this on the caulk and you will get a quick & clean removal.

Dispelling Adhesive/Paints: This is another job for the scraping blade to take out the old, cracking adhesive or paint.

Trimming Furniture: Proper shaping of furniture corners and joints seems a difficult task. With the oscillation multi-tool, being compatible with different blade types, induce the best tidiness and finishing.

These are the most common and the best uses for oscillating tool. But there are numerous DIY and carpentry works which you can simply accomplish using the best oscillating tool kit.

Difference Between Corded and Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

Regarding the power source, an oscillating tool can be either cordless or corded. Speaking more subtle, battery-powered tools are termed as cordless whereas electric-powered ones are referred to as corded. The main difference actually lies down with the power, control & therefore, convenience.

Corded Oscillating Tool

It comes with an electric cable to get connected with the nearby power source to heat up the motor. They are faster with greater oscillation number which translates into longevity. This is why corded ones are best suited for heavy and prolonged works.

In the meantime, the cord is likely to get damaged over time. It concerns with the risk of getting electrocuted. Without electricity, the corded tool is of no use.

Cordless Oscillating Tool

The cordless ones are highly suitable to carry out occasional tasks. It is of great value when the power outlet is distant. The battery requires either charging or replacement depending on models. Usually, battery life is extensively variable from 10 – 45 minutes.

The main problem of cordless ones is the battery runtime. Low runtime results in frequent charging requirement or battery replacement. Therefore, most cordless tools are not suitable to carry out heavy or long-time works.

Safety Tips

When it comes to power-driven cutting, sawing or sanding tools, and safety precautions is a must. An accident is likely to occur without the slightest insight due to carelessness. And even the best oscillating tool is no different.

It is of utmost importance to follow certain safety rules enlisted below when it comes to proper multi-tool use. They will preserve the tool, enhance the efficiency and most importantly, keep you safe.

Following the User Manual:

The manual generally contains the A-Z of the tool use. This is the very first thing you have to do to ensure the safe use of the power-driven device.

Checking the Power & Switch:

When it comes to electric equipment, always check out the connection and switch before turning it on. In the case of corded one, avoid pulling or stamping the cord.

Repairing/Cleaning Before Re-use:

Over time, the tool gets damaged & messy, either in major or minor extent. No matter how much important your work is, try to repair and clean the tool in full scale before putting it into use.

Cautious Change/Replacement:

Changing blade or accessories is common with modern oscillating multi-tools. But unplug the apparatus while you make the change and take the adjustment keys out.

No Extra Pressure:

If you are in a hurry, you may think of putting some extra pressure to boost the process. Simply stating, don’t do this as it directly affects the blade & power. Rather, save your work for later.

Wearing Protective Gears:

Nothing is as invaluable like the vision, respiratory or hearing. Just stop working with the tool using bare hands and eyes. Wear glasses, masks & gloves to protect from snappy accidents.

No Contact with Water:

Regarding electricity, water is not better than a dire enemy. Keep the workplace and the storage dry all the time. And avoid using the tool if it gets wet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Why should I prefer OMT to regular tools?

Answer: Oscillating tool can transform into different handy tools upon necessity. Instead of numerous regular tools, one single multi-tool can serve the entire project.

Question: Which accessories are the best to have with the multi-tool kit?

Answer: Obviously it concerns with your work. There is no blade which can provide all-in-one service. So, you have to purchase the accessories accordingly.

Question: Is it possible to use the blades on all material types?

Answer: Strictly speaking, it is not recommended at all. Each blade is designed to work with a specific material.

Question: What to do for extending the sandpaper & sand base life?

Answer: Maintaining a lower oscillation speed helps to keep the sandpaper & sand base functional for a long time.

Question: Are the blades interchangeable?

Answer: It actually depends on your preferred brand. Some particular brands use their own arbor to suit specific blades, restricting the interchangeability. But others have a universal fitting arbor, making most of the common blades compatible.

Question: Can the multi-tool blade cut through metal?

Answer: The answer is yes, for some specific metals. Cutting through thin metal sheets is easy with high oscillating speed. To get through a thick copper pipe, you have to use a slower speed.

Question: How can I choose the right blade size & shape?

Answer: It is actually difficult without knowing the type, intensity & duration of the work. You can consult a professional carpenter or someone who operated the tool.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, that’s a lot of information to take in at once even for professionals. Yet we believe that the informative review will help you to explore the latest updates.

We got here the best ones which come with durability, performance & satisfaction within your financial limit.

But you can take your time to understand the details further and make a perfect choice. You have to ensure that your pick provides the functionality well enough regarding your project work.

You just need to consider the workable shortlist of products mentioned above along with the buying factors. With that, finding the perfect gear is just going to be easy meeting all your requirements.

So, break out the ultimate choice from our best oscillating tool review. Then, install the attachments, fire up the motor and start your project.

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