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Tahajud prayer, also known as the night prayers (qiyamullaili) is an additional form of worship that was never abandoned to the prophets. If anyone regularly prays the Tahajud prayer, Allah will ease throughout his life, and kept from the afflictions, sufferings and struggles of life. He will be praised for his life. Tahajud prayer is performed during the final 3rd of the evening, which is when the rest of humanity sleeps in silence. This prayer also includes sunnah prayers taking into consideration the numerous advantages we may experience.

Then, in the night, get up from your sleep to pray in it (as) extra for you); it could be the cause of raising you to the Lord (to) an honorable place. (Al-Isra 17:79)

We invite you to join Him in a heavenly and glorious position at His side

This is the assurance of Allah SWT, who will elevate his people up to be raised into a revered spot when they perform the tahajud prayer in a timely manner and truly anticipate the delight of Allah SWT the Divine. Being able to claim a prestigious position and a special spot before Allah SWT is a wish worthy of being a blessing for the thousands of faithful Muslims.

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Indeed the righteous (will will) within Gardens as well as springs taking the things that their Lord has bestowed to them. In fact, they were before they were good-hearted. They slept a little the night sleep. Also, in the hours before the dawn hour, they’d beg for forgiveness”

Effective method of delivering prayer

Tahajud prayer is among the most important aspects of Sunnah prayers and an effective method of delivering prayer to Allah. It is a time to pray about our life, the idea of building the sakinah household, and an appeal to Allah for the flow of guidance during the tahajud prayer ritual.

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“Every night, Allah TabarakaWaTa’ala ascends (to to the skies of the universe) on the third night. He stated: “Whoever calls me, I’ll allow his appeal. Anyone who calls me for permission, I will grant his request. If anyone asks for forgiveness from me, I am willing to forgive him. ” (HR Bukhari and Muslim)

Kind nature

Allah SWT asserts that people who pray Tahajud be humble and kind nature. The peace that is a reflection the peace of the soul during daily life in the society will humble us.

“And (the) the slaves (of) The Most Merciful (are) the ones who walk in the ground (in) humility, and when they confronted by the ignorant they respond, “Peace.” And those who are able to spend (the) evening before their Lord by prostrating as well as in a posture of standing.” (Al-Furqan 25:63-64)

Effective treatment for different ailments

In all likelihood, Tahajud prayer will be the most effective treatment for different ailments. Thus, those who are familiarizing themselves with Tahajud will benefit from the immune system and are not vulnerable to illness.

Rasulullah SAW said “Do evening prayers because it is a custom of people who are pious before you, as a way to be closer to Allah and preventing evil, eliminating sins, and removing all types of illnesses of the organs.” (HR Tirmidhi)

Effective method to get rid of the lust and laziness

Tahajud prayer is an effective method to get rid of the lust and laziness. If you do it in the evening, it will help us be more prepared to greet tomorrow. The biggest enemy for man is Lust. Tahajud prayer can be too heavy for certain people due to the fact that it focuses on the timing of work at time when we tend to doze off. The temptation to go back to the bed is very real at this time. So, the one who wakes up to pray tahajud is able to resist the temptation within him to pray for Allah SWT.

Find relief

Another benefit of the prayer tahajud is the way to waive the last day. Each person should have an account of their sins and rewards which will be recognized when they die. If his record reflects his act is more impressive, then its heaven is the location. But, if otherwise then, obviously you should go to hellspot.

“Whoever is pleased standing in the Day of Resurrection is alleviated by God and should show his gratitude before God in the evening by kneeling down and standing on the final day.” (IbnJarirAth-Thabari)

Reach close the hand of Allah

Tahajud prayer is that it helps reach close the hand of Allah SWT. This is proven by the statement of hadith of Rasulullah SAW:

“You must pray at the night prayer since the night prayer is a ritual of the pious prior to you, and the way to worship that will bring you closer to God and also the covering of guilt as well as the erase.” (Tirmidhi, Al-Hakim, Baihaqi)

Get a wide range of splendor

The five virtues in this world are to be fed with the help of Allah from all sorts of disasters. The mark of obedience to Allah will show on his face, will be adored by the Allah’s servants Allah who are holy and adored by all humankind His tongue is able to speak words that are wise and will make him an intelligent man, having the knowledge of the religion. These are the promises of Allah to be a blessing throughout the world.

“Whoever prays tahajud in a proper, organized manner, Allah will grant 9 types of glory, including 5 types in this world and 4 types in the afterlife.”

Special moment with Allah

Anyone who prays tahajud will be considered an individual in Allah SWT’s eyes. This prayer is performed in the evening and is a solemn and special moment with Allah.

“So remain patient and keep in mind (the) commandment (of) the Lord of your life, because, indeed, you (are) before our eyes. and praise (the) worship (of) Your Lord whenever you rise, and in the night, praise Him, and afterwards after you have seen the stars .”


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