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The business of parcel shipping has witnessed continued growth over the years. Statistics show that in 2021, the USA shipped more than 20 billion parcels, while the UK sent 4 billion. A significant number of those parcels were shipped by people living in these two countries. 

Do you have a relative in the UK expecting a TV package soon? Or maybe you have important clients waiting for a large shipment? The best way to send a shipment is through a shipping service that provides the cheapest shipping from USA to UK.

But what are the things to look for in a shipment company, and what additional details must you be aware of? Continue reading to find out.

Reasons to choose a shipping company


Instead of sending your package directly through a carrier, choosing a shipment provider is cost-effective, as they offer various discounts depending on your supply. Further, because of their connections with various courier companies, they offer you the cheapest shipping rates between the two countries.

However, you should note that the final cost will depend on the size of the package, the door-pickup option, and customs duties (included or excluded). 

Timely delivery 

As mentioned above, choosing a shipping company also ensures the timely delivery of your parcel. Some courier companies take between six to 12 business days to deliver a standard package from the USA to the UK. 

In contrast, an experienced shipping company selects the right courier company with a transit time of two to four business days, or three to five business days, depending on the kind of parcel.

Product Safety 

Another reason for choosing a provider is the safety of your product during transit. A survey suggests that 8% of respondents in the UK reported receiving a damaged parcel upon delivery, while 12% reported not receiving any. The chances of that happening with an experienced and international shipping company is minimal.

What are the available shipping options?

The shipping options available from the USA to the UK are an envelope, box, television, furniture, and auto. While sending an envelope or a box is a pretty straightforward process, shipping an automobile comes with various rules and conditions that you should be aware of.

For instance, before shipping an automobile, you must have the necessary documentation, including the original title, doc receipt, bill of lading, and certificate of origin. 

Besides the main cost (around 850 USD), additional costs attached are freight and insurance charges, duties, taxes and fees, transport, storage and delivery charges, and registration requirements. 

List of prohibited items

You must be familiar with a list of prohibited goods you cannot send to the UK. According to the Government of UK’s Customs and Revenue department, some of these include asbestos, flick, gravity knives, illicit drugs, rough diamonds, self-defense sprays, lottery material, eggs, straw, soil, and non-perishable foodstuff weighing more than ten kilograms. 

What is the shipping process?

The process is quite easy without involving any complications. The first step is logging on to the provider’s website and entering the required information like your contact details, package type, and payment details.

Once you have completed the step mentioned above, download and print a copy of the shipping label, and complete the process by dropping it off at the nearest drop-off location. An alternative option is to have someone collect it from your door. 

Finding a shipping company that offers the cheapest shipping from the USA to the UK saves you a lot of money. Still, the benefits aren’t limited there, as you get extra security, timely delivery, and tracking facility of your parcel.

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