U‑blox has announced the NEO-M9V module,

HomeTechU‑blox has announced the NEO-M9V module,

its first GNSS positioning receiver to provide both untethered useless reckoning (UDR) and automobile dead reckoning (ADR).

The NEO-M9V is suitable for fleet control and micro-mobility applications that require dependable meter-level positioning accuracy even in difficult GNSS sign environments such as urban canyons.

car fleet managers seeking to reduce fees and lower their carbon footprint depend on correct positioning and navigation records to reduce gasoline intake. Micro-mobility operators need to correctly discover their individual bikes and scooters.

the use of inertial sensor measurements, UDR gives a easy navigation experience in dense urban environments through bridging gaps in GNSS sign insurance and mitigating the effect of multipath effects as a result of GNSS signals that jump off buildings. ADR similarly increases positioning accuracy in demanding environments by including the vehicle pace within the sensor-fusion set of rules.

presenting both UDR and ADR at the same module can provide most positioning overall performance and layout flexibility, u-blox said. The NEO-M9V additionally capabilities dynamic fashions optimized for both automobiles and e-scooters.

NEO-M9V is based at the u‑blox M9 GNSS era platform. Its capacity to song up to four GNSS constellations maximizes the range of GNSS satellites inside its line of sight at any given second. incorporated saw and low-noise amplifier filters offer superb interference mitigation for a sturdy solution. Compatibility with the NEO form component reduces migration efforts for clients upgrading existing designs.


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