Aluminium Timber Composite Doors Windows: A Superior Window Choice

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Window technology has come a long way in recent years, with a multitude of window choices now available on the market. One of the latest innovations in window design is aluminium timber composite windows. Aluminium doors timber composite windows are make up of two materials – aluminium and timber. This combination makes them extremely strong and durable, which is why they’re perfect for areas that experience harsh weather conditions. They also insulate your home better than other window types, making them a great energy-saving option. And because aluminium is a lightweight material, these windows are easy to install – even if you’re doing it yourself.

Aluminium and Timber Composite Window Design

What exactly is an aluminium timber composite window? Put simply, these windows come with a polymer core which extends the overall lifespan of the unit. The timber frame of the window’s exterior is encas in aluminium which means that it is low maintenance and has no need for painting or varnishing – saving you time and money!

Aluminium Timber Composite Windows are available in many styles with folding doors, windows, French doors, folding doors dubai sliding doors folding sliders being just some of the options. They are suitable for any room in your house or commercial premises, you can even use them in bathrooms or kitchs where they are fitt with temper glass so that they are suitable for wet areas. The aluminium folding doors are available in flush, panel or glass styles, whilst the folding windows can come with midrail and full rail designs in addition to operable vents.

Featuring in Many Renovations

If you’re looking at renovation projects then chances are that you’ve seen these folding doors or windows on the TV or in a magazine. They have been install to great effect on Grand Designs, DIY SOS and Escape to the Country, so you know that they are good quality doors from establish brands. They have also been seen at many prestigious projects such as The Royal Crescent in Bath, Blenheim Palace and all of the BBC Elstree Studios.

These folding doors are quickly becoming the window of choice for many renovators, architects and interior designers all over the UK due to their sleek lines, durability and low maintenance. Many homeowners are moving towards folding doors as they save space in your home.

Advantages of Aluminium Timber Composite Windows

  • Exceptionally ultra slim sliding folding doors – only 25mm thick folding doors.
  • Manufactured in the UAE by bifoldex company with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Takes minimal time to install folding doors, windows or French doors due to pre-hung door system.
  • Pre-finished aluminium window frames folding doors, windows means that they don’t require painting or varnishing.
  • Low maintenance folding doors, windows and French doors.

How to care for your aluminium timber composite windows folding

Clean your doors, windows, French doors, sliders using soap and water on a cloth with the occasional use of glass cleaner to remove any marks or smudges that may appear.

Do not allow anyone to lean against the frame of folding doors, windows, French doors, sliders doors, windows, French doors, sliders as this can cause dents.

How much do aluminium timber composite windows cost compared to other types of window material?

If you’re looking to compare the cost of folding doors, windows, French doors, then you should know that these folding doors come at a slightly higher price point. However, the material quality and warranty is superior, as well as the overall build quality and design which means that they last longer. They are an investment that will save you money in the long run.


If you’re looking for folding doors, windows, French doors, then aluminium timber. Composite folding doors, windows, French doors are a great option for your home. These folding doors are available with a 20-year. Guarantee which means that they have been tried, tested and proven to work.

They are durable doors, windows, French doors that are available in many styles with ultra slim folding doors, windows, French doors being just one of the options available. You can choose between different handle designs including flush, panel, inswinging or outswinging doors, window systems with midrail folding doors, windows, French doors or folding window systems.


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